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Capella University is one of the trailblazers in the distance learning movement. Stephen Shank, one of the forefathers of Capella, wanted to create a university to better serve adult learners, whom he felt were under-served by traditional universities. In 1991, he incorporated Capella University’s parent company, The Capella Education Company. Two years later, Shank was joined by Dr. Harold Abel to create Capella University, which was then known as The Graduate School of America.

The goal of The Graduate School of American was to offer masters and doctoral degrees in fields such as Human Services, Management, and Education. The Graduate School of America was on the cutting edge of distance learning technology, utilizing the internet to deliver courses online. Capella University began offering bachelor’s and Education Specialist degrees and professional certificates in 2000.

Today, Capella University promises students “respected degree programs in a rich online learning environment” so that students can further their careers “without leaving the rest of [their lives] behind.” Capella University fulfills this promise to 38,000 students working towards their bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. Like traditional universities, Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and was the first online university to become a charter member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ Academic Quality Improvement Program.

Specific programs are also accredited by national accrediting agencies. Capella University continues to offer degrees in its foundational subjects at the master’s and doctoral levels, and has expanded to include degrees in fields such as technology, business administration, public health, and nursing, confirming Capella’s commitment to better serve under-served students with degrees in high-demand professions.

As previously mentioned, Capella University offers thousands of online courses, making it a great option for achieving a degree through distance learning in one of their 43 degree programs that can lead to a career in 1 of 8 professional fields. Career fields include business, mental health, public safety, and education at the university and K-12 levels. Many of Capella’s degrees offer options for students to specialize in subjects that interest them the most. Underduate degrees include Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, and Nursing.

Graduate degrees at the Master’s level include Counseling, Education, Psychology, Business, Public Safety, Public Health, Healthcare Administration, and Nursing. Graduate degrees at the doctoral level include Psychology (PhD and PsyD), Social Work (DSW), Public Health (DrPH), Business Administration (DBA), Education (PhD and EdD), Accounting, and Organization and Management. Capella’s University’s MBA and Information Security programs were highly rated by US News and World Report and The US Department of Homeland Security, respectively.

As previously mentioned, Capella University also offers Education Specialist degrees and professional certificates. Education Specialist degrees include Curriculum and Instruction and Leadership in Educational Administration. Professional Certificates include Human Resources Management, Information Security, College Teaching, Criminal Justice, Health Administration, Counseling, and Nonprofit Management.

Capella certainly does fulfill its mission to provide students with quality education through innovative distance learning technology and many accredited degree programs and specializations to choose from.

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