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Capital University was founded in 1830, as a private, four year, liberal arts university affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It is located in Bexley, Ohio. Bexley is considered to be the most pleasant part of Columbus, OH. The general demographic is affluent and most of its residents are educated. Capital University is one of the largest and oldest Lutheran schools in all of North America. It has less than 4,000 students, and a personal atmosphere with small class sizes and a tight-knit student community. The student-teacher ratio is eleven to one, and around sixty-two percent of Capital University classrooms have less than twenty students at any given time. Capital does not offer any distance learning at this time, but as they grow it is possible that they will in order to accommodate the needs of our constantly technologically advancing educational culture.

Capital University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and it is also a College Board member of this same organization. They have been ranked as number seventeen in U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges.” Their most prestigious program is their music program, and Capital’s chorus “The Chapel Choir” has held performances around the globe, including at Carnegie Hall and other acclaimed internationally based venues. Each year they perform at the University sponsored Christmas Festival, which is a well attended community event. In accordance with their Christian mission as a University, Capital can arrange for alternative Spring Break schedules for students wishing to travel overseas for missionary work.

Capital offer over sixty majors and thirty-nine minors to degree seeking students, and they have a wide variety of double majors, as well as majors with a special emphasis. The academic schools are organized into the School of Management and Leadership, the School of Natural Sciences, the School of Humanites, Nursing and Health, the Conservatory of Music and School of Communication, Capital Law School, and the School of Social Sciences and Education. Also offered are many special programs and certifications, continuing education opportunities, cooperative education, and internships. Capital has uniquely designed programs for working nurses to further their education by obtaining a BSN. Popular majors include Accounting, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminology, Education, Electronic Media and Film, Engineering (with dual degree options), Nursing, Organizational Communication, Public Relations and Science Education. Pre-professional programs include: Pre-Health, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Occupational Therapy (dual degree), Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Law, and Pre-Seminary. The most popular graduate programs are Law, the MBA in Business Administration, the Master of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Art in Music Education.

The 2010-2011 tuition information estimates the undergraduate total expense to be $29,310 for tuition, and $7,864 for room and board. This applies to full time students taking between twelve and eighteen credit hours. Books and other living expenses are estimated at $3,200. Graduate study costs vary by department. Almost one-hundred percent of students attending Capital University receive some form of financial aid through grants, loans, need-based and academic performance scholarships, and campus employment/workstudy programs.

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