Careers in Demand

No matter the time or place, there will always be professional fields that will flourish on account of the prospective demand of the future. Career options will always be abundant and necessary for the growth of our world. There are three fields that will seem to be in demand through our lifetime as well as for our future generations: health, technology, and business.

Below is a list of the professional fields as named above and a brief summary of the education you will have to pursue in order to become credible in these fields.

Optometry may be a prospective career for you! (Photo by AFresh1)

The Health Field

The average length of learning for this field is two to four years after completing two years of general education on a pre-med track. The University of South Florida has a great pre-med track. Visit this link to learn more about it.

There is also post-graduate medical education to be learned. This will usually take a year on average. You will need this to earn a license in most states after earning an MD.

One must also take into account they must complete three to seven years of residency to become certified by the Board.

Prospective Careers in this FieldĀ 

Dentist: Occupation in Dentistry that specializes in oral care.

Epidemiologist: Occupation in Epidemiology that specializes in studying effects of diseases on public health.

Optometrist: Occupation in Optometry that specializes in care of vision.

The Technology Field

In this field, practice is what will truly help you. This is not to say you do not need education: you will need at least two years of education pertaining to your desired aspect of careers in technology.

Generally speaking, however, you will need four years for degrees in most branches of technology. For example, information technology would require four years for a Bachelor’s degree, as according to

With the rise of new technology in society’s faces twenty-four seven, it is no shock that technology proves to be in demand.

Prospective Careers in this Field

Data Analyst: Occupation in which one organizes and and analyzes data.

Lead Applications Developer: Also known as the lead programmer. This is an occupation in which one is in charge of projects to engineer software.

Network Manager: Occupation in which one takes care of and maintains hardware and software for a network.

The Business Field

In general, it should take about four years to complete a degree in this field.

Take into account that internships are required in some schools to receive a degree, and even if not, they are great experience for your future workforce.

Prospective Careers in this Field

Accountant: Occupation in which one provides assistance financially as a service.

Account Executive: Occupation in which one is responsible and organizes an account to run efficiently for both costumer and the producer.

Entrepreneur: Occupation in which one becomes their own boss by managing their own business. According to, they take risks for the prospective money they will receive.

Of course, these are not the only fields that are in demand. However, I am listing them to merely show the description and effort it would take to become those occupations. One may want to look into distance learning as four years is a long time to get a career and it will be less strenuous on your wallet, as well as your time.

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