Careers in Distance Learning

Distance Learning is a relatively new industry and it is growing rapidly. In the last couple of years many new online colleges and universities have “opened” their online doors to study-at-home students and, as a result, this developing industry has created a need for lots of jobs and careers that didn’t exist in the not-too-distant past.

What kinds of jobs and careers are currently available? There are a broad variety of jobs waiting to be filled by college-educated personnel. Here is a brief listing.

(1) Professor: the role of an online Professor is similar to that of a professor teaching at an actual college or university. It is to develop and teach online courses. In the emerging world of Distance Education, the course study can be almost anything from science and math subjects to liberal arts or more.

(2) Faculty Member: this position is below a full Professor and offers a new teacher, generally with a Master’s Degree, the opportunity to teach a specific online course.

(3) Assistant Professor; this position lacks the tenure of a full Professor, but is important because it involves teaching online students at the university level.

(4) Dean: this is an important administrative position that requires involvement in virtually every aspect of an online college.

(5) Online Facilitator: an Online Facilitator plays a very important role in the lives of online students. The Facilitator often works with small groups of students and assists them in meeting course objectives. This may involve holding online meetings, answering questions online and providing useful feedback, grading quizzes, assisting with student evaluations and much more.

(6) Online Media Salesperson: the online college or university can’t sell itself. It needs help. A Media Salesperson’s role is designed to provide that help. The Media Salesperson is generally expected to design promotional packages, conduct cold calls by telephone, close sales on the telephone and much, much more.

(7) Executive Director: the person in this position is, in essence, the online school “principal.” It’s an extremely important online job. He or she is responsible for, and oversees, the development of all of the school’s online educational programs.

(8) Video Production Specialist: this is one of the more important jobs at every online college or university. The Video Production Specialist is responsible for the organization and execution of all educational online materials and productions. He or she is the person who brings the classroom into the home or office of the online student.

(9) Video Production Assistant: the person who has this online position is, essentially, a Video Production Specialist in training. It’s an important role because it frees the actual Video Production Specialist to do the important work while the assistant handles the smaller, less important tasks.

(10) Internet Coordinator: this is another extremely important position at every online college or university. It requires the coordination and support of all of the school activities that are directly related to the preparation and distribution of online course materials.

Clearly, there are many important jobs available at online colleges and universities. If you have the qualifications required for any of these jobs, you may wish to consider a new career in Distance Learning.

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