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Carlos Albizu University is a private, non-profit educational institution of higher learning with a main campus in Miami, Florida, and a satellite campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The schools offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, business, and education, and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The University is primarily oriented to Hispanic/Latino students, and their educational mission is to offer advanced training and research opportunites to this demographic and all other students. They aim to improve the quality of life through education for Latinos in America, specifially in South Florida, and Puerto Rico. Carlos Albizu has 896 students enrolled into their two campuses, with 664 as full-time and 232 as part-time. Women comprise the majority of the student body at 562 full time female enrollees, and 102 men.

Miami, FL is one of the most international cities in the United States, with a large Latino/Hispanic demographic, particularly of the Cuban heritage. Spanish is spoken as muchas English in Miami, so knowing at least some Spanish is relevant if you plan to pursue your education in this city. Miami is ranked number eleven in the nation for various factors such as finance, culture, commerce, media, entertainment, fashion and education. Forbes Magazine dubbed it “America’s Cleanest City” for its natural resources, clean water, and recycling programs. It is apparantly the world’s fifth richest city, so many opportunities await college graduates choosing to live in Miami.

Carlos Albizu University offers online and distance learning courses, but no degree programs. Students are encouraged to check with their departments in terms of availability of these courses and general instructions on how to participate in online learning. The University is comprised of four academic departments: Business Administration, Education, Undergraduate Psychology, and Graduate Psychology. Available degree offerings are as follows: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Exceptional Student Education, Master of Science in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL), Master of Business Administraiton, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD).

Tuition is $314 per credit hour for undergraduate courses, and undergraduate lower division business. For undergraduate business courses that are upper division, the cost is $397. ESOL students pay $120 per unit of study. Master’s Degree students in all areas pay $520 per academic unit, and the doctorate program costs $700 a credit hour. Additional fees may apply to some programs. Grants, loans and workstudy are all part of the financial aid package available to students, and most attendees receive some type of aid. Active Military Personnel are awarded a twenty-percent tuition discount if they are full time, active members of any division of the United States armed forces. Current teachers receive the same rate of discount for attending the University, and so do any employees of the State of Florida agencies, the Dade County government, the City of Miami municipal government, or any Federal Government Agency.

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