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Castleton State College, located in Castleton, Vermont, is recognized as being the oldest institution of higher learning in Vermont and the 18th oldest within the United States. The school traces its history back to the Rutland County Grammar School which was the most advanced educational institution within the state in 1787. The school began transitions to a college in 1867 and has since become a prestigious, well rounded institution of higher education.

With 1800 full-time undergraduate students, Castleton is small enough to be a community where individuals matter, yet large enough to offer a diverse and challenging curriculum with more than 30 academic programs. Castleton’s curriculum is based on the belief that a well-rounded education that expands your horizons and teaches you how to write and to solve problems creatively is critical in career preparation, no matter what you plan to do.

The professors at Castleton believe in a very hands-on learning environment. The small classes and many out-of-the-classroom activities offer students the chance to do research; to create works of art, literature, and film; to perform; and to work with people while learning the skills of a profession. This institution believes in the success of its students and goes the extra mile for them by offering a wide array of opportunities such as: academic counseling, tutoring, disability services, faculty-student research programs, and First-Year Seminar just to name a few.

Castleton also offers many ways for students to get involved in the on campus community. Such opportunities include: intramural sports, club sports, NCAA Division III varsity teams, and a list of 49 different student-run organizations. This is a college that not only wants to create exceptionally intelligent and well prepared individuals to enter the workforce, but also wants to mold these individuals into well rounded persons that will do great things in and outside of their various careers.

But the fun at Castleton doesn’t stop at the boarders of Vermont, or the boarders of the United States for that matter. Students are given the option to participate in an opportunity of a lifetime by opting to study abroad. Some of the past study abroad programs have included: London, India, Bhutan, Cambodia, Peru, Greece and Tibet as well as many others. In these programs, students are given the chance to emerge themselves into another culture, learn a new language and see the vast world around them.

As of now, the school does not have a distance learning program but the near future of this institution looks promising. Castleton has proven itself for centuries now and has adapted with the current times at hand. I am sure it will not disappoint in the area of distance learning.

Castleton State College is dedicated to the intellectual and personal growth of students through excellence in teaching, close student-faculty interaction, numerous opportunities for outside-the-classroom learning, and an active and supportive campus community. Castleton strives to learn, use, and teach sustainable practices. The College prepares its graduates for meaningful careers; further academic pursuits; and engaged, environmentally responsible citizenship.

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