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Founded in 1851, Catawba College recognized as being the sixth-oldest college in North Carolina. Located in the city of Salisbury consisting of 35 buildings on 276 wooded acres, the college is a private, coeducational institution offering strong science and pre-professional programs. Today it is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and committed to providing students an education enriched with individual attention blending knowledge an an understanding of liberal studies with career preparation.

Catawba offers over 40 different fields of study; three undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines. The degrees include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Science; along with a graduate degree, Master of Education. While course work is demanding, the institution prepares students to dwell on the meaning of vocation within a liberal arts context, reach their ultimate potential all while becoming trustworthy citizens with a devotion to positively affect human life, and utterly pursue meaningful careers or graduate studies.

Catawba faculty, much like the student body, is cosmopolitan in nature, it embodies a significant range of opinion and philosophy. Of the 76 full-time teaching faculty, over 70 percent hold the doctorate or terminal degree in their discipline. This is due to the fact that Catawba takes great pride in seeking faculty members who not only are excellent teachers, but who also possess the ability to lead and stimulate students. Faculty members achieve this goal through intercommunication with students in a number of ways including athletic and social activities, scholastic organizations, and clubs. The student-faculty ratio stands at 16:1 and is ideal to the college in that a faculty member is always available to aid and counsel a student.

Athletics play a huge role in the student experience at Catawba College. As a NCAA Division II school, students have 18 sports to choose from wearing the school’s colors, navy blue and white. This department attempts to provide a positive environment for each participant of the program. An environment that enriches not only the physical lives and learning processes of each individual, but also one that attends to the needs of their academic and social lives as well.

The college is steadily looking for ways to improve it’s already impeccable curriculum as student needs change. Catawba College will begin to offer continuing students an array of online and travel courses during the winter 2010 break. Offerings range from 1 to 3 credits in a variety of disciplines. With this step distance learning is soon to be infiltrating all semesters of the academic year.

Since opening its doors in the Salisbury 1925, Catawba College has upheld a tradition of superior graduates who go fourth to positively represent the college by their achievements and effectively enable it through their support to strengthen that tradition with each entering class. Catawba College is a dynamic and engaging community of teachers and learners. In 2009, the institution was recognized as being 17th  on the list of the “Best Baccalaureate College in the South,” published by the U.S. News and World Report. The institution has also been consistently named as one of the “361 Best Colleges” by the Princeton Review, and the school’s theatre program is continuously rated as one of the top 10 in the nation.

Drawing strength from Judeo-Christian values, the college strives to sustain a dynamic community of learners and seeks to unite a diverse populations of students, faculty and staff as active co-participants in scholarships and service. Because of this, Catawba College has and will continue to be one of this countries best colleges.

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