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Founded in 1824, Cazenovia College has served in the Village of Cazenovia, New York for more than 185 years. Among the graduates of the early years was Leland Stanford, who went on to create Stanford University of California. Stanford also served as the governor of California and President of the Central Pacific Railroad. Cazenovia College presently provides baccalaureate programs saturated in a liberal arts curriculum to students totaling around 1,000.

Standing as an undergraduate baccalaureate college, the school strives to foster academic experiences that adapt to the diversity found in individual students, combining skills with accessible programs and co-curricular contributions. It’s this individualized concept that sets this institution apart from others. Having been recognized as One of America’s Best Colleges by the U.S. News & World Report, Cazenovia College is composed of a diverse community that breeds intelligent, social and honorable growth.

Cazenovia College is academically built of four Baccalaureate Degrees. Thes degrees consist of: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts,  Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Professional Studies. These degrees can be obtained in a plethora of programs. The college also offers its students the option to obtain associate degrees in arts, applied sciences, and science through its Office of Extended Learning. Cazenovia College students become academically stimulated, involved, and constructive citizens, well-prepared to stand apart as leaders in the global community.

This institution believes that students who are substantially involved in both academic and extracurricular activities receive more from their overall college experience than that of their peers who are not as involved. Records show that close to two-thirds of the waking hours of a college student’s day is saturated in activities having nothing to do with academics. Cazenovia College takes this matter very seriously. So serious that the college’s list of student clubs and organizations is longer than the offered programs of study.

As a NCAA Division III member, this instution offers a competitive athletic curriculum in addition to its rigorous academic curriculum. The mission of Cazenovia College Athletics is to aid in a multi-dimensional education for each student by offering a competitive sports program for both sexes. The program strives for achievement with an emphasis on the overall health and personal evolution of the student-athlete. Furthermore, the college reveres  intercollegiate athletics in the sense of it being an educational experience and ultimately an essential part of the college’s academic mission.

Currently, Cazenovia College possesses the technology for implementing a substantial distance learning program but has yet to do so. However, much like its history of adapting to the needs of its flourishing student body, the future of this institution will most definitely include an academically rich distance learning program.

Throughout its long history, Cazenovia College has welcomed student success as its primary mission. The college has been, and will continue to be, an academic environment focused on learning, enriched by diversity, and sharpened by integrity. The task of the college is to ensure that this tradition is implemented for future generations. In doing so it will establish a range of outstanding choices for personal as well as professional success submerged in a complementary environment.

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