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Cedar Crest College was founded in 1867. It has taken a forefront approach to education through establishing a curriculum designated specifically for women wanting to achieve at the highest levels. Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, this 84-acre campus stands alongside Cedar Beach Park. More than that, the atmosphere is decorated with over 140 species of trees that compile a nationally registered arboretum.

Today Cedar Crest, operating on a two-semester calendar, remains an independent  liberal arts college for women that brings together excellence in scholarship and undergraduate education with growing graduate programs servicing women and men in the surrounding regions. Offering B.A. and B.S. degrees in over 30 academic areas, this institution provides coursework in areas that bring definition to a liberal arts education. The adaptability of Cedar Crest’s curriculum makes it easy for students to combine areas of interest like art and psychology or dance and forensic science, one of the few undergraduate programs accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Science.

Recognizing the diverse nature of students, Cedar Crest College shows great dedication to the education of the next generation of female leaders by preparing the entire student for life in the global community. Experiences in and out of the classroom are centered on core values of scholarship, honor, social responsibility and service, creativity and community. Recently recognized by Forbes magazine, Cedar Crest bears the honor of being one of the Top Ten Women’s College in the United States.

An active atmosphere of community reaches throughout all aspects of campus life at Cedar Crest. The institution is especially welcoming to its new students. A strawberry festival is held in the fall for incoming students. The entire campus enjoys refreshing strawberries dipped in whipped cream, covered in chocolate accompanied by strawberry lemonade as well as related refreshments. This entire festival takes place on the front lawn of the President’s home. Another welcoming tradition is the institution’s “Big Sis, Little Sis” program. In this program “freshwomen” are paired with “Big Sisters” that act as mentors.

Offering sports opportunities in basketball, equestrian, softball, field hockey, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, tennis and volleyball, Cedar Crest competes in NCAA Division III athletics. The philosophy of the Department of Athletics mirrors the core themes of the College emphasizing student self-development, individual decision making as it affects the quality of life, and an appreciation of values, choice, and responsibility. Students also have the opportunity to participate in over 60 clubs and organizations, including a national award-winning newspaper, a successful forensics team and performances with an active theatre and dance program.

As a superior college Cedar Crest is leading the way for other institutions. In doing so, the college  makes distance learning opportunities readily available for its students. This ensures that the superb academic curriculum can reach a vast majority of students. CCC Online distinguishes itself by making sure the Cedar Crest faculty are at the center of this distinctive learner-centered program.

At Cedar Crest College, students aquire mastery of critical thinking and research skills, compose knowledge of global issues, become representatives of the environment as well as servers of their community. The college pursues students who have shown academic achievement and promise as well as those with diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds. But the only real requirement for prospective undergraduate students is an eagerness to learn.

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