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With an affiliation with the Free Methodist Church, Central Christian College of Kansas, founded in 1884, embraces the Wesleyan tradition as an evangelical Christian college. Located in a residential area in the south part of McPherson, Kansas, students are given a liberal arts education. The main purpose and mission of Central Christian College of Kansas is to develop Christian students to be servant-leaders to the world now and for all of human history.

A significant strength found at Central Christian College is the academic environment. Each student is looked at as an individual. Most classes have an average of 16 students which allows for interaction with instructors on a regular basis. The college offers eight academic departments: Business, Education, Social Science, Communications, Music/Art/Drama, Science/Mathematics/Aviation, Philosophy/Religion and Sport Science and Health (Physical Education). Central to the education within these departments and all that is done on campus is the college’s Christian perspective and heritage. With a history spreading over 100 years, CCC is greatly respected for its high-quality academic programs. As the oldest junior college in Kansas, the college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission – North Central Association and the Kansas State Department of Education.

The goal at CCC is to create men and women that are equipped to impact the world for Christ. Students will be taught how to apply their strengths to their careers, relationships, families and churches. In addition to attending classes, students are required to attend Chapel services which are an essential part of the Christian Liberal Arts education found at CCC. To insure the development of a vibrant campus community, the Chapel/Convocation Program uses reserved seating as a strategy to encourage students to integrate and mix the student body. This reserved seating is also how the Chapel keeps attendance of the student body.

Athletics also add positively to the overall experience found at CCC. The college offers student-athletes the opportunity for participation in highly competitive sports. Each athlete is encouraged to train hard, improve skills and contribute to the team. The goal of the Athletic Department is to help students utilize athletics to grow intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially. Coaches instill the ideals of good sportsmanship, fair play, honesty and team spirit into their players. CCC offers opportunities for athletes to participate in baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, softball and cheerleading.

With all of the positive influences found on and throughout the CCC campus, it is astonishing that currently the school does not possess distance learning opportunities. But it also makes sense. To fully grasp that in which the college is teaching, a student must be present and able to be submerged into the experience found at CCC. The near future does, however, look promising for the development of distance learning opportunities.

CCC embodies a community in which students, faculty and staff grow together, learn from one another and challenge one another. This institution is attempting to create a campus that will mirror the early church and come together to be of one heart and mind. Each student will come to know their own personal strengths and will be encouraged to utilize them in the pursuit of becoming the person God has designed them to be.

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