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Dating its history back to 1881, Central Pennsylvania College has built a legacy of providing a hands-on education in a real-world environment taught by experienced faculty. This legacy is upheld by the following five core values: integrity, professionalism, service, respect and educational focus. More than that, this institution enforces the mission of creating an education that equips graduates with the knowledge and willpower to obtain employment or advancement in their field of choice, continue their academics and ultimately become contributing members of society.
With accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Central Pennsylvania College (CPC) is known as the area’s leading career-oriented college. Academically, students are given a well-rounded, experiential education that mirrors the career world. Uniquely CPC incorporates leadership opportunities across the curriculum adding to ¬†students success. More than 20 bachelor degree, associate degree and certificate programs are offered. In these programs students enjoy the variety and flexibility found in the institutions academics. But the fun doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom.
If being present in a classroom at CPC isn’t ideal, the college is proud to be apart of the 75% of colleges and universities that offer a distance learning program. This is to cater to the need of the student body illustrated by the National Center for Education Statistics which estimates that 18.2 million students will be enrolled in an online degree program by 2013. Students can choose between taking a few courses or choosing to obtain one of 12 degrees fully online along with three certificat programs. These online students benefit from increased networking opportunities in the virtual classroom, building relationships with students and faculty across the globe.
Committed to the belief that a learning environment with a mission centered on responsibility and respect significantly contributes to a healthier society, CPC takes the lives of its students outside of the classroom to be just as critical to the overall molding of leaders as inside of it. In order for graduates to reach their true potential in the workplace, they must understand how to lead their lives outside of in the real world. The college holds students to high values and standards of living but also encourage them to get involved in such things as leadership experiences, part-time job opportunities, clubs and organizations and sports.
CPC offers intercollegiate as well as intramural athletic opportunities. These athletic programs contirbute to the student learning experience by helping to develop effective people skills, leadership skills and enhancing a strong moral character while developing habits of staying physically fit. The college was recently accepted into the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA), a national organization existing to provide athletic competition on a regional as well as national leverl for smaller institutions of higher learning.
Spread out across 35 acres of land located in the picturesque community of Summerdale, Pennsylvania, CPC fosters an education ideal to any person looking to do more than succeed in their chosen profession. The education found at this institution instructs graduates to be leaders in their communities as well as their workplace. What good is succeeding in one’s career if one doesn’t know how to succeed in life?
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