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Champlain College was founded by G.W. Thompson in Burlington, Virginia in 1878 as a business college. Today, Champlain College is one of “America’s top up and coming schools” according to US News and World report. Champlain College operates under the educational philosophy of facilitating an experience-based, comprehensive education and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in its students. This is done through education that includes a Major, Core Curriculum, and a Life Experience and Action Dimension (LEAD). Through these different educational dimensions, Champlain offers cutting edge Science, Business, and Technology degrees with a strong Liberal Arts core and real-world experience.

Champlain is well-known for its degrees in Business and Information Technology, and has expanded to offer degrees in Human Services, Education, Communication, and Creative Media at the undergraduate and graduate levels. True to its roots of being on the forefront of education and technology, Champlain College also offers “nationally recognized” distance learning courses, degrees, and certificates online. Both on-campus and distance learning degrees are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The goals of on-campus and distance learning are to foster distinctive intelligence with a human touch, sustainability, innovation, global engagement, and inclusion of diversity.

Offering 30 degree and certificate programs through distance learning, Champlain College is certainly achieving its goals by making respected, comprehensive degrees available to more people. Undergraduate degrees available via distance learning include Accounting, Business Management, Computer and Information Systems, Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations, Network Security and Administration, Software Development, Healthcare Management, and Healthcare Informatics. Champlain’s undergraduate degrees are offered at the associate’s and bachelor’s level. Graduate degrees are offered at the master’s level and include Fine Arts and Emergent Media, Business Administration (MBA), Managing Innovation and IT, Digital Investigation and IT, Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies, and Law (MS).

Champlain’s tuition and fees are very reasonable for a private education. Undergraduate students going to school part-time are charged $540 per credit hour, or $7,697.50 for full-time students who are taking 12 or more credit hours. Students who wish to take more than 33 credit hours per year are charged the per credit hour fee for each additional hour. Graduate tuition is not listed on Champlain’s website. However, Champlain College does offer a one-time scholarship fo $1000 for graduate students that is applied to tuition bills for 3 credit hours or more.

Financial Aid options include federal and private student loans, Pell and related grants, work/study, and employer billing and reimbursement, military reimbursement. Champlain College also offers several scholarships or non-traditional students, such as their New American Student, Single Parent, and Vermont First Scholarships. The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation also offers grants on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible students as funding allows; grants are also available to students who are seeking a professional certificate.

In conclusion, Champlain College is a leader in offering unique, comprehensive degrees in business and technology through cutting-edge distance learning technology.

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