Cheap Christmas Gifts for the Broke College Student

I know, it’s only just now approaching November, but you’re going to love this post anyway, because on your budget – you have to start planning your gift-giving now! The same goes for me. I don’t know about you, but my heart is all for gift giving. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be Christmas and I’ll be sitting there with gifts laid out in my head and/or my room, depending how far along I am on projects.

Christmas: a time for gifts! (photo by paparutzi)

Christmas: a time for gifts! (photo by paparutzi)

Anyway, here are some gifts that you can give to other people – by category of the type of people.

#1: Parents

If you’re away from your parents (ie. out of state) – or you just plain and simple don’t see them often, you’ll probably make your mother cry happy tears if you present her with a print-out picture, framed, of you and your parents. Preferably one that she doesn’t already have. Which means, yes, you’ll probably be going through your phone’s gallery and hoping to find one that she hasn’t pestered you to send her in the past.

If you’re wanting to spend a little bit more money on your parents (after all, you kind of owe them everything) – you can look into individual interests of your parents to try to get something that would accommodate their wants at a cheap price. What this means, is that, say your father is into tennis and your mother is into crochet – you find a way to pick them up some cool gear. Whether it be at a thrift store, garage sale, or maybe even Walmart – they would appreciate it!

#2: Significant Other

Gah, I really hope my significant other never reads this. Just in case, I’m not going to give too much information away though. Basically, you can go with the same thing – get him or her a gift based on things that she actually enjoys. Or better yet, something that you both enjoy so that you can spend time together with the gift!

You have to decide first if you want to do something sentimental or material. From that point on, you’ll probably want to take time to think about either gift and gather your money or materials accordingly.

#3: Friends

If your friends are in your age group, ie. most of them being in your college major (for me it’s education),  – it is not so far fetched of an idea to do a white elephant gift party. Have everyone bring one food, whether it be an appetizer or dessert, and one gift. The object of the game is to pick the gifts, at random – each person picking one. This is a great way to save money and frankly, just have a good time with some friends.

But say you have a best friend who you want to give a gift to – simply because they’re your best friend! If that be the case, then here are twenty affordable gift ideas for college students (just like yourself!)

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