Child Prodigies

What happens when a child doesn’t just outdo the standard deviation of an IQ score? What happens when they go past that, trumping over kids who are “gifted” in intellectual senses of the word? Well, they are deemed as “Child Prodigies.” These are children who would, without acknowledgement of gifting (esp. tapping into a gifting,) never become as astounding as they are without said abilities. For whatever reason, these children have acquired, without much effort, skills that perhaps are even better than that of the most dignified adults. And no, no amount of Adderall will get you to where they are. I will be discussing some of my favorite child prodigies as follows:

Child prodigies are like no other. (photo by tvol)

Child prodigies are like no other. (photo by tvol)

1. Wolfgang Mozart

Little did we know that the famous composer was creating his first compositions when we were sitting in music class thinking, “What’s a bass clef?” He learned to play one of the most beautiful instruments, the piano, when he was about four or five. Then, I suppose when he thought to himself, “Oh, well, this is awfully drab,” he decided to start composing at around six or seven. Needless to say, he nonchalantly put the public to shame (including myself, considering when I was six, I cried in the corner because I didn’t know how to play the piano my dad had just got me,) one arpeggio at a time.

2. Okita Soji

From the 1800s, Okita Soji (who you probably have not heard of, because frankly he’s not as well known in the states as Mozart is) was not quite like most child prodigies – ones who are prodigies because of their intellectual prowess. Instead, Soji was accordingly the phenomenal swordsman who defeated a master swordsman in combat at the age of twelve. I don’t understand how this can be so – Soji would have not have even finished puberty yet – but nonetheless, that’s why he is the child prodigy here.

#3. Kim Ung-Yong

Accordingly, this man entered university in Korea at the age of three. Oh my goodness, my mind can not even wrap around that. I’m pretty sure at three I was just trying to learn addition and subtraction. Guinness World Records has claimed him as the smartest man alive. I’d say it’s pretty justified. Of course, he caught the attention of the United States. At the age of seven, Ung-Yong was invited to come to the States to study by NASA. Crazy stuff, huh?

#4. Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal was merely a child when he started performing operations since the age of seven. And no, I don’t mean operation, as in the board game. He is India’s proclaimed youngest university student ever, and he certainly knows that. He has aspirations to find the cure to cancer, and golly, we sure hope he does! He also wants a make a dinosaur, but hopefully that’s of less importance. Then again, I don’t blame him – after all, he is still a kid, and kids, no matter how intelligence, want to be kids.

So there you have it! Four of the “child prodigies” that can put us to shame with mere description. How inspirational!

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