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Chowan University is a fully accredited small private school located in Murfreesboro, North Carolina.  Although it is affiliated with the Baptist faith, it accepts all students regardless of religious beliefs.  Its mission is to serve “average” students – those with normal but not outstanding GPAs and SAT scores – and teach them in a Christian manner that aligns with the teachings and values of Jesus Christ.  Only 1,100 students were enrolled in Chowan in fall 2010, making it a small and intimate environment for students.  The environment is also very diverse and accepting.  About 50% of students in 2010 were African Americans and the other half were Caucasians.

Chowan University’s Adult Degree Completion Program is its largest on-line learning program.  It is aimed at adults who wish to complete their Bachelor’s degree in a nontraditional setting because of family or time constraints.  The degree can be earned in four years if students take a full course load each semester.  While the degree requires 124 credit hours, only 36 of those must be physically taken on campus; the rest can come from online coursework or can transferred from other accredited programs.

The degree offered is Chowan’s Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, which is a general studies liberal arts degree which includes sociology, psychology, criminal justice, history, and politics, among other disciplines.  The interdisciplinary nature of the degree is designed to give students a bachelor’s degree in order to pursue further graduate studies in a variety of subjects or to students who simply need a degree to advance in their careers.

Courses are offered at one of two campuses in North Carolina – one at the main campus in Murfressboro and the other at Halix Community College in Roanoke Rapids.  Classes are taught two-nights a week.  For those who cannot make all the classes, the college also offers some online courses.

Tuition at Chowan in 2010 were $9,875 per semester.  There are also additional fees which some students are required to pay, although most are nominal.

Chowan offers a generous amount of financial aid, and every year awards $20 million worth of scholarships, grants, and loans.  In 2007-08, students received an average of $17,511 towards their tuition payments.  Students can apply for aid through the FAFSA federal aid form.  The school also offers a flexible employer reimbursement program for companies who agree to pay the tuition of their employees.

Admission to the program and simple and quick.  Once students fill out the online application and send all of their previous educational transcripts, a notice of admission will be sent within 72 hours.

In conclusion, the Chowan Adult degree completion program is a great way for adults in the area to earn a part-time degree both in a classroom and online.  The program is accredited and affordable, and the flexibility will allow adults to continue with their careers by day even as they work towards their future at night and from their homes.

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