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Christendom College, located in Front Royal, Virginia, is a small liberal arts college that is directly affiliated with the Catholic Church.  Founded in 1977 by a group of dedicated Catholics who opposed the nontraditional trend in higher education during the counterculture years, the university strives to present a Christ-centered, traditional approach to learning.  It is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Associated of Schools and Colleges.

The school offers a number of majors, including Classical Studies, Political Science and Economics, History, English, and, of course, Theology.  The school also offers a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.  It is in this masters program that the college offers distance learning to graduate students who are not able to attend all of their classes on campus.

The MA is a theological degree which requires 42 credit hours of coursework.  By excelling at this coursework, students may also earn certifications and endorsements from the Holy See.  For students less interested in such rigorous work, the school also offers a number of certificate programs in such disciplines as dogmatic theology and scriptural studies.  Certificates only require 15 credits.

The Christendom Graduate School offers a number of distance learning courses in theology, which may be taken either for personal enrichment or toward the graduate degree.  Up to 20 credits may presently transfer towards their graduate degree, although they hope to offer a fully online degree by Spring of 2011.

The graduate degree in theology is fairly affordable as far as accredited degrees go, costing about $325 per credit hour as of Fall 2010.  However, there is also a $100 online course fee and a small exam fee that students can also expect to incur should they choose distance learning.

Registration is simple and straightforward for the courses.  Students simply need to fill out the admissions form and register for the courses.  Although almost anyone may register, students hoping to receive graduate credit must present proof that they have earned a bachelor’s degree.

The classes conveniently follow the traditional academic fall and spring semesters, so students currently taking other classes should find these courses to be familiar in timing.  The school offers two to four different online courses each semester, with the exception of the school’s hallmark “Teaching the Faith” course, for which students may register at any time.

As of fall 2010 the school offers 15 online graduate courses, both pertaining to general theology and Catholic theology, which are taught on a pre-determined schedule every few semesters.  As the schools’ online program grows, it plans to add more courses in the future.

In conclusion, the online program at Christendom College is a great option for Catholics and other Christians seeking a Theology degree who may not be able to spend all their time in the classroom.  As the program expands to offer a fully online masters degree in the near future, the program will only become more accessible to more students.

Review of Christendom College: Christendom College is a an accredited Catholic university that offers a Masters of Arts in Theology, partially online.

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