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At first glance, City University of Seattle comes across as different from other universities. It’s not a traditional brick-and-mortar institution, but it’s not a for-profit university either. Instead, City University of Seattle is a nonprofit education institution that markets itself to non-traditional students who value real-world experience as much as education. This is evidenced by their tagline of “Education comes from all angles” and their commitment to provide “real people with real tools” needed to succeed professionally through classes taught by experienced professionals.

Founded in 1973 in Bellevue, Washington, City University of Seattle has grown into one of the largest nonprofit universities in the Pacific Northwest and has graduated over 45,000 students. City University of Seattle operates from a student-centered philosophy, specializing in distance learning; classes are offered online and at 27 satellite locations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Australia. Their mission is to provide students with high-quality, affordable, and relevant degrees from a student-centered academic philosophy. Furthermore, the learning goals of City University of Seattle are to graduate lifelong learners who have a clear sense of professional identity and ethics, strong interpersonal skills and global perspectives. City University of Seattle is accredited by the US Department of Education Northwest Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Ministers of Advanced Education in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

True to their student-centered and distance learning model, City University offers several undergraduate and graduate degrees, endorsements, and academic certificates. Some of their undergraduate degrees include associate’s Degrees in General Studies and for military personnel, and bachelor’s degrees in General Studies, Applied Psychology, Communications, Management, Accounting, Project Management, and Marketing. Graduate degrees are offered at the master’s level and include Education, Leadership, Business Administration (MBA), Computer Systems, Information Security, Project Management, Marketing, Sustainable Business, Accounting, Finance, and Human Resource Management. More degrees are offered through their distance learning satellite campuses, such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and master’s degrees in professional counseling in select countries.

City University recognizes that students have different needs and encourage prospective students to find the appropriate method of distance learning for them. Online classes cover the same material as on-campus classes, but learning is less-structured and self-paced and successful students are typically self-motivated. This is important to note when choosing the type of degree to earn and distance learning method.

Tuition and fees vary between the United States and Canada. In the US, undergraduate tuition was once between $309 and $420 per credit hour, depending on the degree program. Graduate tuition is between $520 and $656 per credit hour depending on the degree program. Active military were eligible to receive tuition at a discounted rate of $166 and $306 per credit hour for undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively. Canadian tuition was once between $347 and $428 per credit hour for undergraduate degrees and $510 per credit hour for graduate degrees.

City University of Seattle is a great option for prospective students to further their education with their unique distance learning offerings.

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