Classes You Should Take in College

There are many reasons to take classes in college; whether it be intrigue or an inability to pick any other class that semester (yet still wishing to remain a full-time student.) But there are some that you may miss – and may regret as a result. This post is not geared toward marketing these classes; but it will serve as a second reminder on why they may be important and why you may want to divulge in them, even if it simply acts as elective credits.

Learn about everything that's offered at your college! (photo by COD Newsroom)

Learn about everything that’s offered at your college! (photo by COD Newsroom)

#1. Photography

You don’t think of it as something you’ll need – why would you? Many people believe that photography is simply clicking a button and having simple editing skills – similar to that of popular social networking sites such as Instagram. It’s important to know the difference between an Instagram picture and true photography; one that is marketable and that you can use on your own website. Think about it this way – if you ever chose to create your own business, you wouldn’t have to pay a photographer for his stock photo.

#2. Accounting

This may in fact be one of the most boring classes you’ll ever take in your life, but if you can man through the woes of financial study – you may end up on the opposite end of the spectrum with some nice, posh skills so that you can do your own taxes. You’ll save money by not hiring someone else to do it for you – and all because of a simple college class, that is – a basic, fundamental class.

#3. Gardening

Seriously? I had no clue that they offer courses like this in college! I sure hope that mine does – cause I would love to grow my own produce right out of the comfort of my own backyard. Think about it: it’s cheaper to grow your own produce, you know exactly what chemicals/organic fertilizers are going into it, and ultimately, it’s the best defense in case big grocery markets ever run out of food on their shelves.

#4. Web Design

This one’s basically for the same reasons as #1.

#5. Finance and Investments

This type of class is probably going to be one of the most resourceful that you could take. A little learning about monies and investing could be the difference between budgeting and bankruptcy. Although you might not need the information fresh out of college, you may in the future.

#6. Political Science/Government

It’s notorious for being a bore, but it might be something you’ll need. Look at the way that our government has run from the start to the present; it’s chaotic, and it’s always changing. If you want to understand a little bit about how it all works in the grand scheme, this might be a class you need. Granted, if it is always changing – I wonder how reliable the information you learned then will be helpful in ten years time.

Regardless, these are the recommended classes you should take in college. No, it’s not necessarily for credits you’ll need – but it is for personal gain in knowledge.

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