Cleaning Secrets for Every Dorm Bound Student

It’s safe to say that college life can leave very little time for sanitation and deep cleaning. It’s easy to get caught up in studies, hanging out with friends, among other things! The last thing on your mind is to clean the place that you only go to for sleep – and frankly, no one blames you. But the fact of the matter is, you live there, and you have to take care of your home. In fact – a dirty living space just allows us to see that your life is not put together, at least, like it could be. At least for me, I find that when my room is disorganized, it is almost synonymous with my state of mind. Regardless, these are tips that I have picked up about cleaning over the years that you may find helpful.

Your Go-To Cleaning Tip Article (photo by Hey Paul Studios)

Your Go-To Cleaning Tip Article (photo by Hey Paul Studios)

#1. Candle Wax on Carpet? Grab a Towel You Don’t Mind Destroying and an Iron

Although you probably have lamps, you may have candles if you’re one of those people who enjoy the scent and the aura of relaxation that candles bring. Let’s say in the late night hours when you’re writing your paper in the candle-lit darkness to try not to wake your roommate, you accidentally knock over one of these candles. It’s not enough to start a fire, but it’s enough to get hot wax on your carpet. Frankly, you have to finish this paper and you have to let it harden. Don’t worry – there is hope! Simply lay a towel on top of the hardened wax, and use an iron to transfer the carpet wax to the towel. Just be aware that your towel is most likely not usable anymore.

#2. Got Wood Furniture? You Should Start Eating Oranges

Eating oranges doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your wood furniture – that is, upon first glance. What you can do is eat oranges, then take the peels and placing the inside of the peel on the wood surface, rub the peel in small, circular motions. Not only does it clean your wood surfaces – it makes your wood furniture smell fantastic, without the harsh chemicals that come in aerosol cans like Orange Glo wood polish. Besides – this could just be the incentive you need to avoid that freshman 15 by eating oranges instead of fries!

#3. Febreze is One of the Best Investments

If there’s any quintessential cleaning item to have, it’s this one. Although some people don’t believe it truly works – it does! It’s actually a chemical that was actually accidentally created in a laboratory. Once they figured out that it eliminated odor and bacteria, it was on the market. But it wasn’t marketable until they added a scent to it – but even if, it’s a great reward system after cleaning your place. That refreshing scent after cleaning a room is a fantastic relaxer. After all, you probably spent a few hours that you could have used doing something funner to clean your dorm.

There will be more cleaning secrets posts soon! Stay tuned!

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