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One of the prominent learning styles recognized by most educational organizations is kinesthetic learning, better known as hands-on learning. In addition, one of the most desirable skills to have today is one in technology, such as knowledge of javascript. At Code School, you can learn the skills to grow in technological fields while also using hands-on learning to establish yourself with the information. What better way to learn than to dive into a subject and see first-hand what fails and what works? That’s what the developers of Code School believe.

iOs is one of the things you can learn through Code School. (photo by Scott McLeod)

iOs is one of the things you can learn through Code School. (photo by Scott McLeod)

Code School has compiled several paths you can “go down” to complete training in areas such as Ruby, javascript, and CSS/HTML. If you are not interested in going through the paths, ie. if you already have basic knowledge of the subject at hand, then you are able to pick out other courses that you feel you have the drive to learn. These paths are mere suggestions based on what you are wanting to learn. Unfortunately, not all of the information is free. Some of the courses available you do have to pay for! The cost of the enrollment in the program is 25 dollars a month. From there, you have access to all of the courses available. Of course the accounts are free, so if you do come across a course that you do not have to pay for, it is accessible through the free accounts.

Each course that you purchase includes at least five levels, with at least ten to fifteen minutes of video instruction offering help on each level. When you complete the final level, you receive a “badge” – a virtual way to show your peers that you have successfully managed to complete the course. From then, you are able to receive prizes for your efforts. Although the prizes are small as of current, they are looking to expand and create a bigger reward for those who complete courses.

Code School also offers a program entitled, “Code TV.” Code TV gives several screencasts – that are also either free or needed to be purchased through a membership. Screencasts, for those who do not know what it is, is a video screen capture containing audio narration to help you in your learning of these many technologies.

The drive behind Code School is to enable the aspect of fun in learning new technologies. For example, combining video with learning coding in the browser allows for instruction and fun. You are able to personalize your coding because the creation is your project! Although some may disagree that this is the most effective way to learn – those who only learn what they wish to feel like they are not being pushed hard enough.

Ultimately, the benefits of Code School are above any other programming academic website that I have seen so far. The information you are acquiring through Code School is one that is profitable, efficient, and worth while. Code School, though not free, is worth the money in the way that you will have the skills necessary to, for example, start your own franchise, website, and complete the coding for it yourself.

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