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Coe College is a liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The college is selective in its admissions, with a focus on superior quality that is made available to the finest of students. Its baccalaureate program is nationally recognized and has attracted students from 33 states in the U.S. and 15 other countries. In addition to a solid education, Coe extends a student’s educational experience by providing opportunities to learn outside the classroom, which may be a benefit for distance learners that are trying to attend off-campus.

The college started as the School for the Prophets, founded by the Reverend Williston Jones. Just two years after its funding Daniel Coe donated $1,500 with the recommendation that the reverend start a college in Cedar Rapids. Using that donation, a few lots were purchased and eventually became the site for the present campus and went through a series of name changes throughout its history. In 1881, after more donations rolled in, the name was finally left at Coe College and its liberal arts core was expanded to handle the increasing enrollment that came with each year.

Coe College currently doesn’t feature any distance learning programs, nor has it hosted any online courses. In spite of this, they are poised to launch online courses by summer 2011 and will branch out to offering certifications and eventually degrees in the years coming. Other opportunities may be available, and more information about this can be obtained by contacting Coe College staff directly.

What is notable about the college is that their programs and student body are small, making education highly individualized and a tribute to their aim at creating premium instruction. Coe offers 40 majors and confers four degrees: a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Music, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Arts in Teaching. By specializing each of their departments, great results have been achieved, such as the fact that 98% of their graduates are either in graduate school or employed.

Some popular fields of study at Coe College are the popular Business Administration & Management, the also popular Nursing/Registered Nurse, General Psychology, General Health & Physical Education, and General English Language and Literature. Undergraduate tuition for students enrolling full-time comes out to $24,700, and part-time students pay $3,475 per credit hour. Full-time graduate tuition is the same yearly, whereas part-time students pay $1,122 per credit hour. Financial aid is generously awarded by Coe college to its students primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships and other grants. Due to its rich Presbyterian resources, 93% of all students are receiving aid from Coe College itself and 99% of their students are receiving aid in some form.

Coe College not only provides education at high standards, but they have gone to great lengths to remove cost as a barrier to education, particularly for the best and brightest students in our country. Soon, they will be expanding their educational opportunities to an online platform for students with geographical barriers as well.

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