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Cogswell Polytechnical College is a specialized college that has been accredited by the WASC and is located in Sunnyvale, California. The college has been established for more than 100 years and specializes in the fields of Engineering, Fire Science, and Computer Graphics & other Digital Arts. What’s unique about this college is that it offers a means of blending typically calculative fields, like Engineering, with creative arts to prep students for occupations like 3-D Computer Animation, 3-D Interactive Media, and Graphical Design.

The college was originally founded in 1888 under the same name that it operates under today. It started out with a few fragmented studies, mainly providing male technical classes and female business classes. The curriculum and technical training kept thoroughly up to pace with changing technological trends taking the academics from agriculture, to industrial trades, and now to the fields of programming, engineering, and computer technologies and beyond. The campus has fought through many fateful setbacks, like an earthquake (among many in California) that partially destroyed its facilities in 1906.

The college offers distance learning or, as it is referred to at Cogswell, the Degrees at a Distance Program. This program is fully-accredited by the WASC. This program is aimed at personnel in fire services who want to earn a degree with a focus in Fire Prevention Technology or Fire Administration, but who are too busy at work, or too geographically limited to attend Cogswell on campus.

Students attending this program can earn a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science and even two supplementary NFA Certificates along with their degree if they choose. Distance learning programs at Cogswell are operated by Cogswell instructors, meaning that students using their online appendages can expect the same quality and certification as students attending classes on-campus. The college, rooted in technology education, is poised to expand their online programs to computer sciences and soon Engineering following accreditation.

Popular fields of study at the college are Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics & Special Effects, Fire Science/Firefighting, Engineering, Cinematography & Film/Video Production, and Recording Arts Technology/Technician. The cost of full-time tuition at Cogswell is $16,992 per year, part-time students pay $708 per credit hour. Financial aid has been generously administered for Cogswell students with 71% of all students receiving financial aid from Cogswell itself. Federal, state, local, and external grants are also available, even for distance learners.

Many students have gone on to successful careers after participating in Cogswell’s distance learning programs in Fire Science. Cogswell is the type of college that can deliver a student through a solid array of programs to give them the training they need to transition seamlessly into the workforce. This is all possible because Cogwell’s academic programs have not only withstood the test of time (and earthquakes), but have been fortified with the experience and know how that trickles directly down from the professions and trades themselves. An education at Cogswell Polytechnical college is a ticket to success.

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