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Coker College is a unique, relatively small college located in Hartsville, South Carolina. This college features a curriculum that combines a liberal arts core with hands-on training that balances the right amount of intellectual grounding with an equal part practical experience. Students who enroll at Coker are usually tired of the traditional lecture-based atmosphere of typical colleges and want to experience something fresh. Either that, or newly collegiate students want to just try an alternative approach to start with — and usually find just what they were looking for at Coker College.

The college had humble beginnings as Welsh Neck High School as a result of the efforts of Major James Coker. Soon after, in 1909, South Carolina instituted a public school system and Major Coker made an ardent effort to have the state revert the high school to a women’s college. It was because of these efforts that Coker College for Women became the first college to receive accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Eventually the campus became more liberal in nature, shedding its prior Baptist affiliations and becoming coeducational.

The difference in a Coker education is that the students and the teacher interact with discussion, as opposed to simply presenting the lecture to the students. The students and the teacher sit in a circular fashion around a table that orients everybody towards what can be literally described as getting on the same page. This is what Coker college calls “round table” style, and the college has been recognized for its innovative approach towards instilling a much better form of learning in its students.

It is probably due to this staple of their curriculum that they currently don’t offer any online or distance education programs. With that aside, modern technology is allowing many more possibilities in education and the college will most likely start launching online programs to spread its unique style to geographically isolated students and working adults.

Popular fields of study at Coker College include, but are not limited to Business Administration & Management, General Business/Commerce, Sociology, Social Work, and Elementary Education and Teaching. In profession-based studies, like Business and Teaching, Coker exhibits a forte. This is due to their practical approach to education that is closely monitored, looked after, and improved upon.

Students enrolling full-time should expect to pay $18,792 per year, and part-time students will pay $783 per credit hour. Coker has made a fantastic effort remove cost as a factor of determining one’s education. 100% of students enrolled at the college receive financial aid from the school itself primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships, but also taking the form of need-based grants. Financial aid is also available from federal, state, and local grants to round out a generous benefits package.

Coker College has come to be recognized and respected by many collegiate circles around the country and from overseas. As a microcosm of what could be the new face of education, Coker will certainly be commended for its efforts and most likely start to move its instruction online. In either case, you as a student get the attention, balance, and structure you need to move into your field of study with confidence.

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