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Colby College is a nearly bicentennial liberal arts college set in Waterville, Maine. Colby believes that, among other things, a rigorous program of academics brings out the best in a student’s work ethic. Considering Colby’s results, it usually does. Among some prominent graduates at Colby are Dan Harris, a correspondent for ABC News, Linda Greenlaw, a Best-Selling Author, Michael Federle, Publisher of Fortune Magazine, and many other renowned people not listed here. The faculty is fully qualified, includes leaders in their field of study, and, on top of all that, the faculty is smart. There is a good advantage in having an instructor who can think above and beyond strict convention and present a full perspective to the students.

A brief history of Colby College would be that of maintaining high standards and painstakingly delivering those standards to its students. Colby had its beginnings in 1813 when the Massachusetts Commonwealth chartered the college, going under the name of the Maine Literary and Theological Institution at the time. Maine and Massachusetts were combined at the time and later split. At this time, the state reacted by recognizing Colby’s standards and conferring he right to grant degrees. The name then became Waterville College. It was during the civil war that the college lost many of its students to enlistment and remained open thanks to the efforts of Gardner Colby. The college changed its name in gratitude.

Being that the college is a four-year institution and follows a rigid, baccalaureate path, Colby only enrolls students full-time. Regardless of residency, full-time students pay $48,520 per year for tuition. Scholarships are very generously awarded, but are awarded to few, typically on the basis of merit or need. About 4 in 10 students at the campus receive aid from Colby College itself, and the approximately the same number are receiving financial aid from federal, state, local, and external sources.

It could be Colby’s selective admissions that have made the college shy away from advancing a distance education program. Although, that is not to say that the college won’t offer online instruction in the future. A typical student pays, as aforementioned, in the upwards of $50,000 yearly giving the college plenty of resources to work with and it is very possible that the staff will assemble a distance education platform in the near future. Popular majors at Colby are General Biology, Biological Sciences, General Economics, General History, General Political Science & Government, and a large percentage of the students are engaging in self-assembled majors or independent study.

As a whole, Colby College pushes its academics to the forefront of collegiate expectations with every aspect of its operations exhibiting premium crafting. Students can expect only the best from Colby as it is very discrete in its education, just as it is with its admissions. Enrolling at Colby gives a student a certain distinction, that of prominence, rigor, and intelligence.

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