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Coleman University is an institution located between San Diego and San Marcos that is non-profit and rooted in Information Technology education. The university’s curriculum is technology-based with curriculum in academic programs for graduate, undergraduate, and distance educatiom. Students at Coleman are trained in technology from the first day they start school. Information Technology students are individuals that grasp concepts quickly and dynamically which is why Coleman curriculum caters to this trait with specialized training first.

What Coleman University means by “Dreams into Reality” is that they provide a complete network of services that take a student from absolutely no education to being trained, certified, and employed. There are fields in Network Security, Computer Networking, Web Media Design Information Systems, and Game Programming Development and Design that Coleman not only offers, but also exhibits a forte in. Coleman strives to provide students a top rate educational experience, while offering a supportive, friendly, and encouraging learning environment.

Coleman’s Distance Education program offers a multitude of opportunities in higher education for working adults to achieve their degree without abandoning a packed schedule or current residence. Courses offered in Coleman U’s College of Advanced Studies & Education (C.A.S.E.) are offered online. Thusly, students can access the programs online and not have to worry about a daily commute or an unnecessary pilgrimage to live near campus. Adding to courses for general education, Coleman U’s online learning features an online Master’s Degree with concentrations in both Business and Technology Management. Students living away from campus, the state, or even outside the country can participate.

Coleman is unique in that it features an “inverted curriculum”. This means that they put the training pertinent to their career first and then allow them to fill out the general education requirements from there. Once the student has become certified and has started their career, the student can return to Coleman University via Distance Education to earn credit hours towards their associate or bachelor’s degree. The Master of Science Information Systems Management degree (M.S.I.S.M.) is also offered at Coleman in addition to the Master of Science in Business and Technology Management degree (M.S.B.T.M.) and the popular Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Tuition averages 23,100$/year for undergraduate students enrolled in a typical Coleman program. Enrollment at Coleman University is just over 500 students, making it a small, but concentrated university. Faculty to student ratio lies at about 17:1, suitable and efficient for an information technology based education.

The Career Services Department at Coleman University collaborates with every student to refer them to an employer that best suits their interests and needs. Over 1500 different employers have partnered with Coleman to form a fruitful, expansive network of career opportunities. Coleman’s Career Services make available an array of professional development services from resume writing tips, to mock interviews, to employment assistance. Coleman University also helps students in areas that don’t have established training, like writing resumes, effectively searching for jobs, and interviewing skills. In this manner, the students are prepared from day one to go forth into their careers with the confidence and assurance of a complete education.

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