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Colgate University is a small liberal arts college located in Hamilton, New York. The most important quality stressed by Colgate University is that class sizes are small, giving each student a chance to interact with their instructor, and classes are taught by experts, as opposed to teaching assistants. 98% of Colgate faculty are doctors or hold the highest degree that their field has to offer. Through these methods, Colgate has maintained a premium system of education and has harbored diversity because students of all backgrounds can appreciate a personalized education like that of Colgate U’s.

The university finds its beginnings in 1819 when it was chartered as the Baptist Education Society by a mixed group of clergymen and laymen. One of the members of the group was a soap maker named William Colgate whose family would become continually involved in the school’s growth and maintenance. The BES was then merged with Hamilton school giving birth to the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution. Eventually, the institute expanded its horizons outside literary and religious practices and admitted non-religious students. It was soon after that the right to confer degrees was granted and the institute formally changed its name to Madison University and eventually Colgate University.

The university features 51 different majors spread over a broad course of studies. Some popular majors at Colgate are Business, Communications, Education, Finance, Law, Research, Science, and Sports-Related Education. The body of undergraduate studies focuses on the liberal arts & sciences, which is aimed at rounding out a student’s education with a cosmopolitan background of peripheral knowledge. Currently, Colgate University does not feature any distance learning programs or online platforms in which the student can enroll, however, with students paying in the upwards of $50,000 per year, there are plenty of resources to work with and will eventually prompt the university to expand its curriculum to working adults and isolated students.

Tuition for full-time students comes out to $41,585 per year, with part-time students paying $1,227 per credit hour. Financial aid is generously awarded to students primarily on a merit basis, but also for need-based reasons as well. Awards are select, with approximately one third of students receiving aid from Colgate University with a total of 38% of students receiving financial aid in some form.

There is no question that Colgate University is committed to excellence. Since the university is very selective with its admissions, the best and brightest students receive an education of reciprocal standards. For this reason, many students that graduate from Colgate go on to be very successful members of their professions and fields of study. Many students become effective leaders and administrators. There’s no telling what Colgate will add to its curriculum next, but, with changing trends in technology and breakthroughs in educational tools, Colgate is likely to launch a platform for distance learners. For the present, the university will continue to uphold its high standards of education and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

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