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One of the more popular social media networks for college-aged students is Tumblr. Tumblr, which is, as quoted by Wikipedia, a “…microblogging platform and social networking website founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc.” (Actually, that was pretty interesting to me – I didn’t know that Yahoo! bought out Tumblr a while ago!) The blogging site is reminiscent of ye olde days of Xanga and Livejournal. But much, much more popular with today’s youth and “hipster” culture – and can aid in self-teaching of web design (kudos to you!) In the past we’ve discussed Twitter accounts about education, but this time, it’s Tumblr based.

Showing some love to the flowcharts. (photo by Kev Gilmour)

Showing some love to the flowcharts. (photo by Kev Gilmour)

#1. I Love Charts

So maybe you don’t love charts… mainly because you haven’t seen them the way that this blog presents them. This blog features charts comparing the number of lego people versus real life people in the world (we will soon be outnumbered, guys!) – and even a pleasure graph, which shows pleasure levels of sex with condoms, sex without condoms, and genital wart removal. So perfect.

And if you couldn’t love charts anymore – there’s a song about being in love with flow charts, on one of my favorite web series called, “MyMusic.” To hear that beautiful song, click here.

#2. F Yeah College Advice

This is actually what it is. Good, wholesome college advice from someone who has actually been through it! I’ve never seen the ask button on Tumblr used for such… productive purposes before. That’s how you know this blog’s a keeper! It’s interesting to see the problems that other people are going through; they may just help you out too! And if you’re not going through the same things as the people who are asking… well, you can ask for yourself!

#3. College Problems

It is what it is. Some of my favorites include:

  • “collegeproblems #1161: can’t find the medium between being sober and blackout drunk”
  • “collegeproblems #1143: so much homework. nap instead.”
  • “collegeproblems #1023: having all of the ambition, but none of the motivation.”
  • “collegeproblems #1019: ‘this doesn’t smell too bad… I’ll wear it.”‘

I understand. My whole life is being posted to a blog site. I am not alone.

#4. Community GIFs

If you don’t watch the tv show Community, you’re doing something wrong. Go to your Hulu account right now and go watch it! It’s wonderful. It’s about community college. And it’s a sitcom. And it’s really odd. Anyway, this entire Tumblr is dedicated to GIFs (or animated pictures) of the TV show.

#5. College Reality

Basically the same concept as Community GIFs, but based on the realities of college. Which include but are not limited to: Spongebob references, hashtags, and the occasional “DINKLEBERG!”

#6. Scanwiches

Scanned photos of sandwiches to get you through the day. Cause really, it’s nice to look at food besides Ramen every now and then.

So there we go! Some of the best college-based Tumblrs to help you through your collegiate journey! Now, I bid you adieu.

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