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In the last article I wrote, I talked about a Summer Vacation checklists. Now, I’m back again to give you something you might actually dislike more, but probably need more: your college checklist. Now, I’ve seen other articles here on Distance Learning talking about college checklists – and I get it, ’cause you’re probably asking yourself right now, “Why have two of the same article?” Well, it’s not going to be the same article – because I am going to be focusing on a college checklist for those of us who have chosen to skip out on the lavish lifestyle that is the dorm. This is for all of you who are staying at home – or off campus.

Be prepared before you step foot into a college. (photo by Peter Alfred Hess)

Be prepared before you step foot into a college. (photo by Peter Alfred Hess)

If you don’t already have these items, you should invest in them:

  • a good alarm clock as a back up in case your phone’s alarm isn’t as reliable as you’d like (because we know you’re using them right now)
  • a backpack of some sort to carry around your text books (you could opt for a messenger bag or laptop bag, but a normal backpack is probably better for your back.)
  • the text books in question (you don’t have to get them from your school, they’ll be more expensive probably!)
  • perhaps an e-reader, or an iPad – they’re handy and easy to carry.
  • or a netbook – which ever you would prefer (some professors prefer iPads over netbooks so as to not distract the other students)
  • planner or agenda (it really will help out your grades and keep you more organized)
  • mace, to protect yourself on campus or frankly, anywhere
  • a good printer, and stock up on ink and paper so you don’t have to rush at the last minute to try to attain some!
  • a piggy bank (it’ll keep your wallet from getting too heavy and you’re going to need every scrap you can get, because frankly, college is draining no matter where you live at)
  • a small to-go first aid kit, to harbor the band aids you’ll need as you run to class and trip and fall, and skin your knees.
  • and a tide-to-go pen, because you’re probably as messy as I am.
  • a thermos, so you can carry around various heated items and eat them on the go! (It’ll save you money in the long run, just make sure it doesn’t leak onto your electronics or text books!)
  • plastic bags (you may look like a doofus but when your electronics and your textbooks aren’t ruined from the rain, you’ll thank me!)

Anyway, that’s all the tips on what to bring to campus that I can say. As far as I’m concerned, that’s quite a list – disregarding that some people should bring this list and then some if they are living on campus or even by themselves off of campus. Remember to check back in case this list is updated, or you need it for the years to come!

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