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For you high school seniors, graduation is coming up and college is right around the corner. We are all excited for graduating and lavishing in the thought of starting new and fresh again, what we all forget to remember is the process towards securing our spot. College is far different from high school, it is when the training wheels fly off and you start to worry about yourself. You simply do things for your own benefit – not your friends or parents. Each student has a goal they want to reach and in order to do so they need to surpass the procrastination and comfort of high school teachers. The question is where to start?


Do not delay. (Photo credits to Courtney Dirks on Flickr).

1. Admission Deposit – After you have decided where you want to attend it is important to secure your seat at the college. With over thousands of students waiting to fulfill your position, it is important to do so. Admission deposits are simply sending money to the college of your choice to have them aware of your intent to go there. This deposit is non-refundable and is only valid for the term for which you have been admitted. The deposit may also be waived for select students but you may still need to send them a notice. Please check your college for more details. The deposits usually range from one hundred to two hundred dollars.

2. Apply for Financial Aid – Financial Aid, most commonly known as FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). This, when applied for, is free money from the government to fund your education. It is available to any student and encouraged to apply as soon as possible for it is on a first come, first serve basis. The government only has a certain amount of money designated for this purpose and once all money is out, there is no way to obtain anymore. This needs to be done for each year of school. The application is free and available here. Do not get fulled by any emails or mail that are sent to you. They are most likely scams and the only site for FAFSA is linked there.

3. Apply for On-Campus Housing – A majority of first year students are required to live on campus the first year. It all depends on which college you go to so it is important to check in with them and . learn about the requirements and deposits before it is too late. The housing options are available on a first come, first serve basis as well.

4. Submit Immunization Forms – Immunization forms must be submitted before registering for classes for student health. This should not be delayed.

5. Schedule a Campus Visit – Learn all about the campus and should be explored prior to attending.

6. Register for Orientation – Orientation usually lasts two days and requires the student to spend the night. There is a fee and orientation is mandatory.

Seniors are sometimes overly excited for college that they miss the steps to ensure their attendance. It is prominent to not delay any of the steps. The sooner is better so check out your college websites now for more details.


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