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I have been fond of College Fashion’s blog for quite some time. Their posts are always inspirational or informative, and they center around tending to college-aged women’s fashion. As I have discussed in this past post, people will judge you based solely upon your fashion – which some may think of as rude or pompous, but everyone does it, regardless of who admits to it or not. Therefore, it is a good thing to know where your style sits in the world of fashion, how to look your best, your age, and ultimately benefit the most from how you carry yourself. The way you represent yourself will, in fact, correlate to how people will perceive you in a professional setting, which could mean that position that you are wishing for.

Fashion tends to be a big part of college life. (photo by Dance Photographer - Brendan Lally)

Fashion tends to be a big part of college life. (photo by Dance Photographer – Brendan Lally)

The blog aims to foster a love for all things college-life, obviously including fashion, a love for life, a youth that can’t be matched, and even relationships. It is, in its most raw form, an online fashion magazine. The site started in 2007 in a dorm room and has blossomed into one of the most well-known blogs for the college age group.

The blog is written by college-age women. From “Things You Learn in Fashion School: Rendering Fall Fabrics,” to a “Style Remix: White Button-Down Shirt, Black Trousers.” The articles that are posted here can vamp up your professional style as well as teach you a few things you haven’t already known. The information, coming from all different types of women with different backgrounds, offer something new with each article. It is awesome to see so many women, passionate about fashion among life in general!

Of course, the blog isn’t entirely dedicated to fashion. For then, it would not permeate our minds as a “good blog.” In fact, it couldn’t. There would be no depth to the site. Instead of just being a superficial, fashion-driven blog, they offer articles on dorm life, (pertinent to young adult fashions) coupons and sales, quizzes tailored to finding your style, and my personal favorite articles that keep me coming back for more each week – hautelinks. Additionally, the pictures of clothing and accessories that are put up on the site to exemplify styles and outfits are linked, so you can purchase them, as well as find out exactly where the coveted items come from!

Hautelinks is by far my favorite addition to the College Fashion blog. It is, in essence, an accumulation of the newest things on the internet. From tutorials to articles about positive change, to humorous stories and cute pictures of puppies, every week you can expect at least one hautelink that is worth checking out. I often have to bookmark the things posted on hautelinks, such as Wind Map, which is still mesmerizing to this day. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do! It is absolutely breathtaking.

Check out College Fashion for yourself! If you love these things, meet your new best friend. If you don’t, you might grow a new appreciation for it. Really, there is so much you can appreciate in any subject matter if you give it a chance to illuminate itself.

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