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The College of Charleston is a public university seated in the historic setting of Charleston, South Carolina. The college has been recognized nationally for the quality of its education programs that are offered at such a low price. Charleston has attracted students from all over the United States and 71 foreign countries for these reasons alone. The focus of this college is to provide a stimulating environment to let the students interests take shape rather than shaping it for them.

The college has recently launched an online platform for students to take courses via distance education. Since the program has had a numerous response, the college is going to continue to expand its distance education resources and offer more courses in the coming terms. Soon after accreditation is received, degree programs should start to arise and allow distance learners to pursue a degree entirely online.

For the moment, there are a few scattered courses that students can put towards an existing degree, use for supplement to current study, or arrange for independent study. Of course, online courses taught at Charleston are taught by Charleston faculty and students can therefore expect the same level of quality as students on campus receive.

The school specializes in a few departments of education offering complete instruction and course structure to students pursuing one of the following: Arts, Business, Education, Health, & Human Performance, Humanities & Social Science, Languages, Cultures, & World Affairs, and Sciences & Mathematics. Most students pursue some form of Health or Medical study while others pursue that of Business. The college tends to have a strength in these departments generating copious amounts of graduates each year, but it certainly does not overlook its other programs of study.

Tuition at Charleston is notoriously affordable with full-time students paying just $18,662 per year, and part-time students paying $781 per credit hour. Even though the college has significantly lowered its tuition costs, thus leveling the field for less fortunate students, there are still grants and awards that are given out to deserving students every year. Exactly 3 out of 4 students are receiving some form of financial aid with half of the student body receiving state and local grants and the college filling out another quarter of the student body.

Although the College of Charleston doesn’t currently feature a full-fledged program for distance education, the staff and faculty will most likely assemble classes quicker than you can take them. Aside from this, Charleston’s affordable tuition and high standards of education put it at the forefront of choice in education. Enrolling at Charleston is not only a financially sound maneuver, but a decisive one regarding the quality of your education. Soon, students around the world will get to experience courses at the college and especially students in the United States facing geographical barriers. Whatever the reason for joining the student body, a credential earned at Charleston is well earned, and will propel the student in their career and thereafter.

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