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The College of Eastern Utah is a college that has merged with the Utah State University to form Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah. The fusion allows the two colleges to not only transfer students from one campus to the next, but it allows a new world of interdisciplinary studies, combined degree programs, and it allows both bodies of students to access, in essence, double the resources. The academic portfolio that USU – CEU offers boasts over 60 majors and different areas of study spanning over 400 courses.

The Distance Learning program at CEU is split into three main sections: General Education, Criminal Justice, and Business. All of these programs are available for open enrollment and are designed specifically for working students or students with geographical barriers seeking to attend CEU.

The General Education program is designed to lead to an Associate’s Degree. This can primarily be put toward a Baccalaureate Degree, but can also be used as a transfer degree to be put towards a university, such as Utah State. Most four-year colleges will accept the degree and clear the student of all general education requirements upon completion.

The second of the three departments focuses on the field of Criminal Justice. Students can take online courses that will place them in fields like Law Enforcement, Attorney, Private, Investigator, or a Correctional Officer. In addition to career-specific training, the courses are backed by a well-rounded curriculum that makes the education dynamic and complete.

The CEU distance learning program in Business can lead to one of three Associates degrees: the Associate of Science in Business, the Associate of Science with an emphasis in Business Information Systems, and the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration. For example, the A.A.S. in Business Administration can be applied towards earning a Bachelor or the popular Master of Business Administration. The student also has the option of using the degree as is and can venture out into the workplace without having to attend a four-year institution.

Being that the school is small, with an enrollment of just over 1,400 students, education is much more personalized with attention placed more on the individual student than the class itself. The 13 to 1 student to faculty ratio attributes this quality. Part-time tuition comes out to a low $150 per credit hour, but total costs for the distance education programs are not posted on the site. More information can be obtained by contacting CEU directly.

Altogether, the College of Eastern Utah provides great opportunities for such a small student body and staff. Since its merging with Utah State University, the staff has had more resources to work with and can provide valuable tools such as institutional grant aid, which makes up most of the financial aid that students are receiving. The college has been in operation for over 70 years and will continue to expand its reaches to more and more students that want to enroll.

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