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The College of Idaho is a small college of liberal arts that takes its residence from the city of Caldwell, Idaho. One interesting feature about the college is their extensive archives, including the collection of Senator Steve Symms and Governor Robert E. Smylie, that were put in place to facilitate student research and reading programs. The College of Idaho is also home to the founder of the supermarket chain Albertsons, and the college used to be called Albertson College of Idaho for that reason.

The college traces its roots back to 1884 under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church. It was drafted to satisfy the possibility of having a Presbyterian college somewhere within the Idaho Territory and materialized quickly with the efforts of volunteers, the church, and citizens of the area. Slow expansion occurred with generous donations by a multitude of factions, including Joe Albertson and his wife, Kathryn.

Another notable feature about the college is the flexibility of the assigned coursework in any given program. This is due to the fact that students are treated more like individuals than student and can have their classes tailored to suit their individual needs.

At the core of a College of Idaho education is a liberal arts curriculum which, they believe, helps to round out the education in much the same way vitamins and minerals round out the body’s nutrition. A healthy education is key. The most popular field of study at the college is General Psychology, with General Biology & Biological Sciences following in close second. Other popular majors are Business Administration & Management, Teacher Education, and General History.

Full-time students from outside of the state pay $18,300 per year, and part-time students pay $760 per credit hour. The college makes a variety of scholarships available for use, particularly the honors scholarship which rewards students based on past performance. The strong majority of financial aid used by students comes from the college itself with federal, and state grants filling out the rest.

As of present day, the College of Idaho has yet to feature a fully developed distance learning program or online courses. This is largely due to the small college size and a small faculty body, however the college is budgeting to launch a distance education program to attract working adults and disadvantaged students from around the country. Over 40 different majors with almost as many minors are available to choose from making the College of Idaho’s academic array reasonably flexible. There are also collaborative programs offered at the college that helps to expand the range of educational possibilities by working with other schools.

Beyond that, the education offered by the college alone is that of quality and individualized attention. A student to faculty ratio of 12 to 1 substantiates this fact. The College of Idaho is steeped in tradition that has always aimed at bringing students to their fullest potential, and soon they’ll be able to reach outside of state lines and touch students across the country.

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