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The College of Mount Saint Joseph is a small Catholic college seated outside the metropolitan area of Cincinnati, Ohio. The college is focused on bringing students to their maximum potential with rigorous programs that inspire excellence, and a dynamic change in the ways of intellectual discourse. It remains the crowning achievement of the Sisters of Charity, just as it was since its founding in 1920.

Students and alumni are looked upon to be leaders of their communities and professions. This college is not for the meek, for its academics peak into the ranks of the prestigious and its standards are strict. For these reasons, the college has become nationally recognized for the value of its education and the quality to match.

The College of Mount Saint Joseph DOES offer online courses and distance learning, although the specifics of these programs are not listed online with posits the possibly that the programs are still expanding. The college uses a program called WebCT which is an easy-to-use simple format that provides a tableau for which to lecture, turn in, assign, and complete homework. For instance, an expository essay can be submitted online with the click of a button, as opposed to having to print out the document and physically deliver it into the professor’s hands. Many other subsequent advantages for online learning follow.

What is critical to the university is its fortified infrastructure that advises students, counsels them to eke out their proper career, serves to better students’ general welfare, and that helps students in the ways of academics. A variety of degrees are offered, from a humble associate’s degree all the way to doctorate degrees, all backed by an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts & Sciences core curriculum.

Just over 2,100 students are enrolled at Mount St. Joseph, and the school has kept a good student to faculty ratio of 12 to 1 up to match enrollment. This means that students won’t have to put up with crowded bureaucracy and compete for the instructor’s attention to receive help in their coursework. Education is personalized and not only curtails to each student’s needs, but also allows the university to directly adapt to its students.

Tuition for full-time students sits at $21,200 per year while part-time students pay $465 per credit hour. All but a handful of students are receiving financial aid of some sort with most of the money coming from institutional grants provided by the college itself. This makes the college an excellent overall springboard for opportunity for its merit-based grants that help students from all backgrounds learn in a level playing field.

What makes Mount Saint Joseph unique is that it provides students with a university level education without the thousands of students to go with it, nor the hefty price tag. Instead, attention to detail and hard work to ensure a comfortable spot for every student has kept the college afloat. Enrolling will simply make you a part of their family.

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