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The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a liberal arts Catholic college located just outside midtown Manhattan. The college is recognized first and foremost for its vibrant community and its excellent career opportunities provided by collaboration with Manhattan businesses and cultural institutions. Beyond that is a sense of decisive, Catholic identity that sets students apart from the average college kid. By combining a strong core curriculum with a diverse portfolio of majors in the liberal arts, the college hopes to instill a sense of rigor and classical principles in its students, preparing them for life beyond college education.

The college is, of course, affiliated with the Catholic church, but more specifically, the Sisters of Charity of New York. It was opened back in 1847 and began to do what most other colleges wouldn’t do: admit women into its academic programs. It’s no surprise that the college quickly gained accreditation and permission to confer baccalaureate degrees as a pioneer in the area of women’s education.

The College of Mount Saint Vincent does not yet feature a distance learning program nor online courses, however the college’s continuing expansion may prompt the board to extend its quality education to students across the country via the internet. The college is small, with an enrollment of combined graduate and undergraduate students that sits just over 1,800 students. Student to faculty ratio is at a decent 18 to 1, and the college strives to take care of each and every student with small class sizes.

Some popular fields of study are General Education, General Psychology, Nursing/Registered Nurse, Communication Studies/Speech Communication, and General Business/Commerce. At the center of coursework and studies is faith and Catholic identity. This does not mean, however, that the college doesn’t harbor a non-denominational atmosphere for students from differing backgrounds and beliefs. It does mean that the college shares ties with the universal Catholic church and features on-campus ministry to further religious studies.

On a yearly basis, full-time students pay $23,270 a year for tuition, and part-time students pay $700 per credit hour.  Almost all students on-campus are receiving some form of financial aid and the college is supplying 93% of the students with institutional grants. Needless to say, financial aid is easily available and is the result of the college’s commitment to helping students with the cost of tuition.

Students can earn a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Bachelor in Professional Studies, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science, and a Master of Science in Education in the colleges well developed adult education program. There are also 28 other majors that can be turned into a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science, depending on the major.

As Mount Saint Vincent has grown, so has its staff, its mission, and its identity as a Catholic college. Enrolling at the college will not only put the student in a supportive atmosphere of similar interests, but supply him/her with an education steeped in attention to detail.

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