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The College of Notre Dame of Maryland is a predominantly women’s liberal arts college in the Catholic tradition that seats itself in Baltimore, Maryland. Notre Dame believes that a student’s choice in college demonstrates a lot about who they are as a person, and that’s true. The college prides itself in attracting top students from all over the country to participate in its prestigious academic programs. Backing its programs is a core curriculum based in the liberal arts that adapts to any major, passion, or area of study.

To start with, the most popular field of study is General Education, with Business Administration & Management nipping at its heels. Others pursue Nursing/Registered Nurse (R.N., A.S.N., B.S.N., M.S.N.), Secondary Education and Teaching, and Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. All of these popular topics require a blend of subjects to complete and such is the focal point of a Notre Dame education.

Distance learning is provided by the college to students with geographical or schedule limitations but who also want an education of the highest tier. The site has not published any information regarding the specific nature of any distance learning programs or online courses. In a case like this, some scattered online courses are most likely available in addition to a distance learning program that hybridizes with on-campus participation. More information can always be obtained about the programs by contacting CNDM staff directly.

Notre Dame is one of those individualized colleges that sacrifices some compartmentalization in majors and programs to make personal leeway for the student to customize their education. Students receive an education from all different aspects of teaching, this includes, but is not limited to immersion, lectures, lab work, field studies, and alternative approaches to lesson material. In this sense, Notre Dame satisfies its goals in creating an experience that outreaches its bounds to become more effective and more memorable.

The college installed new programs in 2008: Renaissance Professional Scholars and Transformational Leaders. The two programs allow students to strengthen their majors and be prepared for life in their career of choice, respectively. It is exercises like these that are a testament to the college’s innovate approach towards creating better education, and for reasons like this, one can expect only the best upon enrolling.

Enrollment is small, just under 3,000 students attend Notre Dame with an excellent student to faculty ratio of 6 to 1. Full-time enrollment for one year costs $25,000 for out-of-state students, and $390 per credit hour for part-time students. Most, if not all, students are receiving some form of financial aid. The grand majority of these recipients are getting funding from the college itself, as Notre Dame also makes an effort to lower its already reasonable price of education.

Notre Dame means premium. Enrolling in this college will bring nothing but the best simply due to the fact that the college accepts nothing but the best. To that end, the college will push to achieve new heights and, perhaps in the future, push to extend their branches to those who study from home.

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