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The College of Saint Elizabeth is a small, Catholic, women’s liberal arts college set in the grassy banks situated outside of New York City. The college was founded by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and carries on the initial mission of providing service to less fortunate women by providing an education that will allow them to better themselves, pursue a rewarding career, and engage in life-long learning thereafter. The college seeks to educate students by setting examples, but also encouraging them to think on their own with academic inquiry and independent study.

The college boasts a doctoral program in the field of Educational leadership, a broad array of professional certificates for quick, but qualified entry into the workforce, 10 different master’s degrees, and over 25 bachelor’s degrees. A distance education is also available via the Department of Continuing Studies, but the college hasn’t posted any data regarding online courses or the aforementioned distance program. Seminars regarding the topic, however, are offered on campus and schedule information for that event is available on the site. Otherwise, more information can be obtained by contacting the college directly.

The college has based itself around service to aspiring women who want to pursue higher education for many different reasons. Some older women have sought degrees while working full-time and this prompted the college to unveil a program in continuing education in 1970, and a weekend program in 1976. Other young women seek education to enter themselves into a rewarding line of work, and this has been the focus of the college, for the college have provided a premium, women’s only education since its conception. For reasons like these, the college has received continued accreditation and support from alumni and friends.

Enrollment sits at over 2,000 students with a great student to faculty ratio of 12 to 1. The small class-size and the plentiful array of faculty to match is a tribute to their commitment in ensuring quality, individualized education for each and every student. The top five popular majors at the university are Teacher Education & Professional Development, Business Administration & Management, Educational Leadership & Administration, General Educaiton, and Nursing/Registered Nurse.

Tuition for full-time students is at $22,842 per year, with part-time students paying $623 per hour. Financial aid is made more than readily available through a variety of grants, such as Presidential Scholarships, Elizabethan Scholarships, Seton Scholarships, need-based grants, Xavier Awards, Alumni Daughter & Granddaughter Scholarship, Vincentian Scholarships, and many more not listed here. For this reason, 92% of students are receiving financial aid with the grand majority of that aid originating from the college itself as a part of their efforts to help those in need.

As enrollment continues, the college will continue to grow and reach out to more aspiring female students that seek higher education. The university has its sights set on bringing the best out in every student and has done just that with copious resources, very open admission, and an enduring empathy for those in need.

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