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The College of Saint Joseph is a small, fully accredited, Catholic college located in Rutland, Vermont. The college takes a unique approach that urges students to look inward, instead of outward, for an education that will take them to a higher level. Over 30 different degree programs are made available in fields like, Business, Education, Arts & Science, Psychology, and Human Services. Through these fields of study, students can earn Associate’s, Bachelors’, or Master’s degrees.

The main goal of the college is to install an independent Catholic education in each student while helping them to navigate themselves, their hopes, and their aspirations in order to empower themselves to move on to higher levels. As it is well-known, one cannot be a master of the world without first mastering themselves. At the same time, discovering more about oneself inspires them to think creatively and from angles not previously conceived, and only then can a student get the fullest of the college’s wide range of education paths and progress onward to a rewarding field of study.

The college’s history has seen growth from a religious academy employing just a handful of congregation members, to a campus that hosts almost 500 students. Although the college is small, faculty has been expanded to match with an awesome student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, and an average class size of 9.

Tuition comes out to $16,450 per year for students enrolling full-time, and for students enrolling part-time, $250 per credit hour. Considering the quality of a Saint Joseph education, this is a reasonable price. Financial aid is available through alumni of the college, academic scholarships, merit-based scholarships, and other scholarships, like Choral Music scholarships. For this reason, 94% of students are receiving some form of financial aid with all of those students receiving aid from the college itself. Distance education is not yet available off of campus mainly due to the colleges limited size and staff, but time will certainly bring the college to expand its premium standards to an online platform for working adults and isolated students to use.

Students seem to choose Business Administration & Management the most as a field of study. Equally considered is an education in General Liberal Arts & Sciences, and following by rank of interest is the field of Elementary Education & Teaching, Special Education & Teaching, and General Human Services. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, and a wide range of baccalaureate degrees in a wide field of majors.

The college instills new capacities, skills, and schools of thought in each of their students to ensure that they are prepared for the world beyond college both academically, and perceptually. In doing this, the college has gained a reputation for being centered around personal growth in addition to professional development and it has gained confidence from its students that a path chosen in their curriculum leaves no gaps. Enrolling at the College of Saint Joseph means enrolling in a definite future, one that is rich in knowledge, and rich in Catholic tradition.

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