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The College of Saint Mary Magdalen is a very small, Roman Catholic, baccalaureate, liberal arts college located in Warner, New Hampshire. The college takes a more traditional approach to scholarship by basing its curriculum off of classical western texts. Surrounding this, is a liberal arts core with a focus primarily in Catholic humanities studies. The college believes that the journey to intellectual and spiritual freedom is rigorous and is only achieved after hard work is implemented towards one’s goals.  Beyond that is a commitment to traditional values and ethics that compliment the classical studies with a conscious perspective on life, humanity, and the issues facing them.

Three founders of lay status within the Catholic clergy originally founded the college in 1973. The Second Vatican Council had called for an institution that could prepare and educate Catholic students for leadership around the globe and in their respective studies. That fall, the state of New Hampshire chartered Magdalen College and, by late 1974, the first classes were held. Through varied success, the college pushed onward through the decades with small enrollment and closely-knit, personalized education and eventually changed campus sites. In late 2010, the college was renamed the College of Saint Mary Magdalen.

The curriculum is based in the Catholic liberal arts mainly, with some non-traditional studies on the side that were added more recently. Since there are no formal majors at the college, students generally follow a directed path towards a background of liberal arts and sciences as chosen by the college. Students can obtain an Associate of Liberal Arts, and then they can progress onward to obtain a Bachelor of Liberal Arts whereupon the college’s own Apostolic Catechetical Diploma is appended.

As of current status, the college doesn’t feature any distance learning programs or online courses. Mainly, this is due to the fact that the curriculum is based on a discrete set of classical texts and not commonly communicable education resources. Many religiously conservative colleges have followed the same path, but some have eventually featured an online platform, and it is reasonable to say that Saint Mary Magdalen will incorporate distance learning capabilities soon.

Since the College of Saint Mary Magdalen is only baccalaureate, one need only concern themselves with undergraduate tuition rates. Undergraduate full-time students will pay $12,250 per year while part-time students pay $385 per credit hour. Since the college is more purely religious, either they do not accept federal aid or federal aid can’t be used on a college such as this. The same can be said for state and local grant sources. However, the college itself has rewarded 78% of its students with institutional grants leaving only some to partake in student loans.

For a traditional education based upon a standard of truth, the College of Saint Mary Magdalen is the school of choice. Each student is given individualized attention, and each course the student takes presents a new challenge on the path towards truth and success. In the future, the College of Saint Mary Magdalen will open its doors to the internet and students around the world.

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