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The College of Saint Rose is a privately funded and operated college that is located in Albany, New York. The College of Saint Rose is a community-oriented college that provides a variety of programs and options for virtually any type of student. Most importantly, students learn to be independent, organized, and passionate about what they do.

There are select online programs offered at the college for different purposes. The span of online selection currently covers select distance delivery courses for graduate students majoring in Education. There is also a certificate in Internet Programming offered at the college and this could be considered its single distance education program for the time being. With the increasing demand among graduate studies and technical training, online program selection will certainly increase in the near future.

With the Online Certificate in Internet Programming, students can get a good balance of education and experience through a innovatively crafted program. This program was spawned by a combination of the Computer Science department and the fledgling online course selection which has recently taken the form of technical training.

The certificate spans 15 credits and can be completed in under a year, dependent upon the student’s motivation and preference for rate of study. Some courses that students take in this program are Database Management Systems, Internet Programming, Advanced Database – PL/SQL and XML, and AJAX. There are a few others, but these listed courses represent the meat of the program.

For undergraduate students enrolling on campus, the average yearly due comes out to $21,260 per year, if the student is enrolling full-time. Per credit hour, the rate is $708. Since the Internet Programming Certificate program is a graduate program, credit hours run the gambit of graduate tuition rates, which are $596 per credit hour and, for a full-time schedule, $10,728 per year.

A notable feature of the College of Saint Rose is the fact that 95% of students receive direct grants from the college itself. Most of this is based on academic merit but, with the college’s philanthropic role in the community, much of the grants are awarded on a need basis. Federal grants reach 27% of the student body with a decent contributed amount.

Generally speaking, the College of Saint Rose is always under development. This not only means that the academics and resources hosted at the college are under constant revision, but the college has literally been constructing new facilities for the past 13 years. Students have had access to new and current technologies as well as newly furbished facilities in which they study.

This is in addition to the already expansive array of buildings, facilities, centers, halls, and rooms that make up the college’s vital resources. Adding to the Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary, Lally School of Education, Massry Center for the Arts, and Center for Communications and Interactive Media are brand new buildings providing more and more opportunities each year.

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