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The College of the Ozarks is a unique, Christian college in Point Lookout, Missouri that offers a curriculum in the liberal arts. What is unique about the college is that students pay no tuition! What the college instead devises is that the student work for them on a full-time schedule, and, in return, the student gets a full time education that is ranked among the highest institutions in the United States. In this way, the college drastically lowers its costs of operation with a staff consisting mainly of the students themselves and has earned the nickname “Hard Work U”.

The most popular field of study at the college is Business Administration & Management, which is ironic because the educational experience alone teaches the college’s students the value of hard work in addition to using highly effective business-like management to orchestrate all of this. Other popular majors include Elementary Education & Teaching, English Language & Literature, Agricultural Business & Management, and General Fine/Studio Arts.

Students who attend the College of the Ozarks are pushed to the fullest of their potential, which includes a careful balance of work and study. The study provides the student with the education they need/seek in the field that they choose and the work they do instills the value of self-discipline and character. Its no wonder that the U.S. News & World Report has named this college “Best College” for 31 consecutive years!

The college was founded under the extensive vision of the missionary James Forsythe who sought to provide people of the region with an education, but didn’t have the proper funding to start an academy. The result was the School of the Ozarks which, from its very inception, taught students and used their services to help operate the school. Since then, the college quickly attracted accreditation from a variety of sources and expanded its enrollment to over 1,300 students as of today.

The academics at College of the Ozarks run the length of four-year programs and lead to a large portfolio of baccalaureate degrees. The college has yet to feature distance learning programs or online courses, due to its unique program. However, the school may expand its educational opportunities to the United States and beyond with the increasing role of technology in education and in general business practice.

Due to their extensive work-study program, students graduate without debt. They also can move onward with the value of hard work at their core allowing them to compete for the best jobs and establish a rewarding line of work for themselves. Altogether, the college has maintained a reputation for bringing the best out of students using their unique approach. Enrollment continues to increase slowly each year, but, with a student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1, they always have the staff on hand to match, and the students to help. This makes the college interconnected, highly motivated, and a spring board of opportunity for the students.

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