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The College of William and Mary is the second oldest college in the United States, next to Harvard, that is designated as one of the eight “public ivies”, meaning it combines an ivy league education with open, public enrollment. Many of the students that have graduated from the school have progressed to become award-winning poets, and one of them is even a member in Universal Studio’s popular attraction: the Blue Man Group. Among the alumni are three U.S. presidents, Jefferson, Monroe, and Tyler, and even the host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart!

Needless to say, the College of William & Mary is a monumental college that stands above the rest by and large. The college was founded by King William the 3rd and Queen Mary the 2nd by a charter that was to establish the college in the Virginia Colony. Since then, the college has rapidly expanded as it has progressed throughout history and pushed through setbacks, such as having to cancel classes because the British have invaded.

The most popular field of study at W&M is Business Administration & Management with a large number of Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration being churned out every year. Among other popular fields are Law, General Psychology, General Political Science and Government, and General History. Students have received degrees from Associate’s up into Doctorates from any of these fields of study graduating with top honors.

The price for attending this college for full-time students coming from outside the state totals $24,960 a year with part-time enrollers paying $840 per credit hour. Considering the magnanimity of this colleges academic programs, the public aspect of its institution has kept costs reasonably low. Scholarships are granted more selectively, with payouts amounting to more than Federal, State, Local grants and student loans combined. In this respect, the emphasis for financial aid is placed on merit-based performances, as its public enrollment already spreads its opportunities to those in need.

Student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1, with a notable 99% of all courses taught by professors, as opposed to teaching assistants or partial qualifiers. This is an excellent ratio to match the college’s  enrollment of almost 7,900 students.  To date, the college has yet to feature an online program or a distance learning program, but as its history has carried it through centuries of technological development, the public college is bound to stretch its limbs to an online platform for working adults and isolated students around the world.

If you have what it takes to compete for top honors, the College of William and Mary is for you. Experiential learning, hands-on education, and immersion in a plethora of accredited and time-tested fields comprises a W&M education. Not only are they a premium school, but they are dedicated to producing a class of students that shine bright and strive for perfection. Perhaps you are the next famous alumni that will emerge from this college.

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