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Twitter is one of my favorite social media sites – right up there with Instagram. Granted, I’m not addicted to either but when I do have free-time and/or I’m bored, I do check my Twitter and my Instagram. This post is mainly going to be about the funniest or saddest tweets about college and all things associated with it – from people I actually know in real life, and some who I don’t – which is why none of the names or Twitter handles are attached to this post, besides the parody accounts and whatnot.

Tweet away, Mr. Governor. (photo by MDGovpics)

Tweet away, Mr. Governor. (photo by MDGovpics)

#1. “I’ve never been to hell but I assume it’s a lot like Friday classes.” @CollegeStudent

#2. “I have two moods:
Sleep is for the weak
Sleeping for a week” @CollegeStudent

#3. “8 am class AKA death”

#4. “I’m not doing so good at this college thing”

#5. “Class in 30 but I just wanna eat n not skool ugh”

#6. “*Macarenas away from academic success*” @madsturbation

#7. “can i end my essay with ‘u feel me?'” @chanelthick

#8. “can we skip school and college and go to the part where i become a princess.” @CommonBlackGirl

#9. “50 shades of done with this semester” @ughposts

#10. “Going to class on three hours of sleep is a lot like nope.”

#11. “wet dream: being financially secure with a career i enjoy” @madsturbation

#12. “I wish I worked at a haunted house but I’d scare people with rational fears like “STUDENT LOANSSS” and “YOUR PARENTS ARE DISAPPOINTED” @madsturbation

#13. “homework: A
classwork: A
homework: A
classwork: A
homework: A
test: F
final grade : F” @ughposts

#14. “teacher: describe yourself in one word
me: done” @ughposts

#15. “a short poem:
do teachers
understand that
you take
other classes” @ughposts

#16. “School’s stupid.”

#17. “very academic day, I am feelin very blessed. #ilovemylife”


#19. “Time to think of ways to commit suicide while I’m in Calc”

#20. “I am having no class on Fridays in spring #nope #cantdoit”

#22. “Why do my midterm grades suck?”

#23. “Oh yeah. #thisiscollege”

#24. “The girl in my math class has beer in her coffee cup.”

#25. “Do I have to wear shoes to class”

#26. “Intro to Drama class should consist of reading twitter arguments and listening to [insert profanity here] cry in the hallways.

#27. “I forgot what it’s like to have a normal sleeping schedule. @CollegeStudent

#28. “Double majoring in alcohol and naps.” @CollegeProbs

#29. “I throw my homework in the air sometimes, saying ayeeee-o I’ll take a zeeeero!” @CollegeProbs

#30. “How it should be:
F: 0-20
D: 21-40
C: 41-60
B: 61-80
A: 81-100” @CollegeProbs

#31. “Your paper should be two to five pages long. Two it is.” @CollegeProbs

#32. “Deleting my school so I can focus on Twitter.” @CollegeProbs

#33. “Going to college is basically like paying a guy 40K to punch you in the face.” @_CollegeHumor_

#34. “If robbers ever broke into my place and searched for money, I’d just laugh and search with them.” @_CollegeHumor_

#45. “‘Attendance is mandatory.’ Challenge accepted.” @_CollegeHumor_



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