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Colorado college is a small, but unique, liberal arts college located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The college has had a long standing goal of providing the best liberal arts education in the United States. Classes are kept small, students are individually attended to, and the college accepts only the finest education as a part of its curriculum. Focuses are in expression, which is the entire point of a college education, aside from earning a degree, and the student’s intellectual development.

One key distinction about the college is to its alternative approach to scheduling. They call this the “Block Plan”. A frequent problem of college courses is that they are limited to scheduled brackets that cut-off lectures and limit the instructors ability to create a continuous education. What Colorado College does instead is gives each course three and a half weeks apiece. This allows for a truly unique experience in that students can have more experience in their learning and an uninterrupted focus on each course which is much more effective in the means of education than switching from class to class abruptly. This also allows the instructor to take full advantage of the time allotted to them to make a course that is uninterrupted.

Distance learning at Colorado College is not yet available, however, the college is apt to install online courses and expand its unique approach in education to isolated students and working adults. Popular majors at the college include General Biology, General Economics, Biological Sciences, General History, Anthropology, and General English Language & Literature. The college also features a wide span of interdisciplinary courses in areas like Russian & Eurasian Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Neuroscience.

Students who are enrolling full time at Colorado University pay $35,844 per year and part-time students pay $1,494 per credit hour. Colorado College understands that a student’s education should not be limited to their physical resources and offers a variety of resources to help with the cost of tuition, such as employment opportunities on campus. Just under half of all students are receiving institutional aid which pays out almost double what federal, state, and local grants pay combined.

The college’s faculty is mostly full-time and is fully qualified professionals and professors. The college has maintained a great student to faculty ratio of just 11 to 1. This means for students that education is individualized and, in addition to block scheduling, creates an experience for each student that almost seems as if the entire university caters to their field of choice, as graduates have reported.

All in all, the faculty is friendly and readily available, the academic programs are unique and effective, and students can expect only the best liberal arts education when applying for this college. Colorado college has the air of continual learning in both its students and its professors, which makes for a worthwhile investment in one’s education, and the career they pursue thereafter.

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