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The Colorado School of Mines is a small university located in Golden Colorado. Mines is a university that focuses on fields like Applied Science and Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Geoscience & Resource Engineering. The university a full-fledged research institution that also brings the advantage of personalized attention to each student as a small, concentrated college. Mines is repeatedly ranked among the top schools for applied science in the ways of academic excellence, and brings that reputation into its renowned curriculum.

Students can study in one of 13 concentrations at Mines: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Economics/Business, Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Environmental/Systems/Geological Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Liberal Arts, Mathematics & Computer Sciences, Metallurgy, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Physics. Each of these departments employs teachers that are either fully qualified or have received the highest degree in their field. In addition to curricular studies, students can also engage in world-class research and get in contact with some of the leading experts in their field.

Students living in Colorado pay $9,810 a year full-time/$327 per credit hour part-time, and students from outside the state pay $23,820 full-time/$794 per credit hour part-time. Exactly two thirds of students attending the university are receiving financial aid from the school itself. This is available in the form of merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, external sources, and donations from alumni. Federal, state, and local grants are available as well, and are being used by students as well to supplement.

The School of Mines has yet to incorporate an online program or a distance education program, but, with almost 5,000 students attending and its public status, the university is bound to incorporate online elements or resources and eventually an online platform for working adults and isolated students. Popular areas of study at the university are General Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, General Mathematics, and Metallurgical Engineering.

What the university focuses on is improving technology in a way that will make our lifestyle on earth as a human race more sustainable and responsible towards our natural resources. The university accomplishes this with both curriculum that turns out a wide range of engineers, and cutting-edge research that studies new methods in the manipulation of resources. Mines has the upper hand when it comes to research opportunities, but notably, doesn’t bear the price tag or the large student body of a conventional public university.

The university is also highly selective in its admissions. This is an opportunity for students to already excel at what they do to take their education to new heights, whether it’s a baccalaureate, master, or doctorate program. In addition, they have a chance at earning their distinguished degree among the ranks of a top research university.

The far reaching role of Mines in earth studies, energy consumption and management, and environmental studies needs students like you to put brains behind their turning wheels. Even applying to a university like this is worthwhile and certainly worth an opportunity to hop on board one of the country’s best universities.

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