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Colorado State University – Pueblo is a public university that is located in Pueblo, Colorado. CSU – Pueblo’s main focus, among other things, is success. The university believes that success is ultimately vital for a student to progress through the ranks of higher education. Above that, the university provides a plethora of resources for helping students in every aspect of their education.

The college has seen a fruitful evolution from a junior college that was hosted in just three rented rooms to a comprehensive university that offers a wide range of programs to choose from. In spite of the physical damage brought to the area by floods, drought, and dust storms the Southern Colorado Junior College was founded in 1933. Eventually enrollment expanded and land was donated so that the college could hold its courses on a formal campus. The name changed from SCJS, to Pueblo Junior College, to Southern Colorado State College, to the University of Southern Colorado, and after combining its efforts with Colorado State University, it then became Colorado State University – Pueblo.

Faculty at the university is highly qualified and works closely with students to create a personalized education. In this way, the university puts forth its success-based initiative and creates a quality education thereby that is more than just the resources that it offers. The university also offers distance education that spans a culmination of several smaller institutions all flying under Pueblo’s flag.

One of these institutes calls itself the Legal Studies Institute. Students get an in-depth look at the theory of law and, for fourteen weeks, enroll in a series of courses concentrated in paralegal work. The cost of this entire program is $1,089. Available for free, on the other hand, is an online course in Small & Disadvantaged Business Enterprises which gives students the tools to effectively manage a comprehensive business enterprise in the highway and transit construction industry.

Aside from these courses, the university has not yet incorporated a distance education program or online learning program that leads to any formal degrees. Despite current availability, expansion to that end is definite and students should have the opportunity to earn a degree online in the near future. Popular majors at the university are Social Sciences, Business/Marketing, Communications/Journalism, Health Professions, Public Administration & Social Services, Biology, and Computer & Information Sciences.

Tuition is kept at a low $13,543 per year for students seeking to enroll full-time, and $605 per credit hour. 9 out of 10 students at the university are receiving financial aid in some form, with two thirds of this population receiving institutional grants through the university itself. For reasons like this and its low cost, especially for in-state students, the university gives some of the best value for student dollars.

Colorado State University – Pueblo prides itself in teaching a diverse body of students that come from all over the country to study with them. It is the fastest growing university in the state, and its students match in their personal and academic growth.

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