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Columbia College Chicago is a large college of the arts located in the South Loop of Chicago, and currently the largest and most diverse in the United States. Because of the college’s large size and extensive staff, the college offers 120 academic programs and an unmatched array of concentrations, majors, and minors.

In 1890, The college was founded as a small college for women that specialized in speech and teaching. For the longest time it remained a small, unlikely college with less than 200 students, that is, until the college reshaped its approach to the arts and liberal arts education. A typical arts university can repel students with structured academia and programs that are to compartmentalized and the lack luster. Since the college changed its policy to open enrollment, any student that completes a high school education can enroll at the college. By 1964, enrollment reached 400; in 1976, 2,000; in 1992, over 6,700.

Columbia College Chicago offers distance education, but has not published any information regarding online courses or distance education online. That being said, the college has been known to provide more than adequate resources for student on campus via the internet and can therefore be expected to offer those same resources to distance learners. More information can be obtained by contacting CCC staff directly.

Some popular fields of study at the arts college are Cinematography & Film, Video Production, Arts Management, Marketing, Marketing Management, Journalism, and Radio & Television. Students enrolling full-time should expect to pay $17,950 per year, and part-time students pay $621 per credit hour. Financial aid is made available to the students mainly through student loans, but the college also features a spread of merit-based scholarships and external sources. As a result 71% of all students are receiving financial aid in some form.

Students can select majors from virtually any field that exists within an art curriculum and programs and majors feature, but are not limited to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Art Direction, a Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment & Media Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video, a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Arts & Media.

Altogether the college is first and foremost in propelling aspiring art students into rewarding careers using the proper training and virtually endless resources to supplement their education. In addition, Columbia has helped students from all over the country achieve their dreams with an unparalleled body of students. In addition, the college reduces risks taken in changing between fields by allowing students to try out different studies and classes which is a  part of their alternative approach to an education in the arts. Columbia College Chicago is among the best arts colleges in America and will most certainly extend that distinctive privilege to all who enroll, on campus and online.

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