Comfortable Environments and Education

How hard is it to concentrate in a loud, disruptive environment? How about surrounded by children constantly running around you? A chair that never stops squeaking, consistent high pitched traffic outside, or a neighbor blasting music you loathe? Specifically, while you are trying to complete a task – these scenarios are prominent road blocks. What is important is to find a comfortable environment. Comfortable enough to wear you can focus, hear your own thoughts, and avoid distraction.

Your Room – A majority of people find comfort in their own bedroom. They are accustomed to the surrounding furniture and can easily access their needed supplies. There is no need to carry out textbooks, writing materials, or a laptop. Everything is available and placed at your own preference. This environment is most likely the easiest to be comfortable in but it also allows a way of steering off task or falling asleep on the bed. It is best to take breaks in between tasks. Preferably lasting at least ten minutes.


A library is a comfortable environment to many. (Photo credits to: thejester100 on Flickr.)

A Silent Library – Whether it is a local library, a library at the school you attend, or a library in your home, make sure it is silent. We all know the libraries with the rowdy teenagers in a corner, it is frustrating. On the contrary, a library has an endless access to resources. Of course the books are an essential, they are old fashioned to look through as opposed to the internet but it is a trusted source. Also, there is the computers and printers. If you do not have your own internet, this is the place to go. It is comfortable and makes you feel easily at home. The aura of the books forces one to focus on their assignments instead of falling into a slumber. This environment is also built for a group project or a group setting. You can ask others questions and interact with those in your class.

In a Park – Although strange to some, the park is an excellent place to study, work on assignments, or finish any task. It is preferably for the individuals that enjoy nature and simply love the feel of the wind, sun’s rays, and comfort being in an open space. There is occasionally people that walk by so you do not feel too lonely. Most people usually like going alone when studying here. It is best to go to a less popular park as to avoid the distraction of others.

Starbucks or a Bookstore – Often students study in the morning before their exams so they take their notes to a nearby Starbucks. This gives them the chance to purchase coffee to stay awake and work in an environment surrounded with people. It may get a bit loud but there are certain people that work better through this. In public environments, their brain is adapted to it and stays awake and alert. In relation, a nearby bookstore also provides books to read from and use information.

Overall, a comfortable environment is essential to a successful education. Where you study, focus, and complete assignments plays a huge role and how well you do in class. Do not place yourself in an environment that is filled with distractions, avoid it and locate your own.


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