Community Service Guide For High School Students

When hearing the phrase ” community service”, what is your first thought? Many students may answer that they thought of community service as one of the requirement for scholarships or college admission. That is true, but students should also remember the true purpose of community service. The meaning of community service is to contribute to the society and help other people who need help. It would also teach students to appreciate the society and develop good character. Here are some tips about community service for high school students:

Doing community service is not just to meet the scholarships or college requirements, it is more about the appreciation and happiness. ( Photo by Ridge Pics)

Doing community service is not just to meet the scholarships or college requirements, it is more about the appreciation and happiness. ( Photo by Ridge Pics)

Tip One: Plan For Community Service

Community service is a long-term project. You should give yourself enough time to find the location you could do community service and to get the hours you want. Many places that needs volunteers require an application, so count the application process in your time planning. In one of my posts, I talked about how to set goals, which may help you to set your own goal for community service.

Tip Two: What Are Some Community Service Opportunities?

There are many ways to find a community service opportunity that works out for you. You could ask your school for community service information. You could search online. is a good website to go to. Or you could try some non-profit organization around you. Here are a list of common places that you may do community service at:

  • Public Library: Serve the community by helping the public library system to run more efficiently.
  • Local Hospital: Check the hospital’s website for their application and time period they need volunteers. It is usually during summer.
  • Non-profit Education Organization: You could be a tutor for lower-grade students.
  • Animal Shelter: Are you interested in rescuing animals? This is the right choice for you.
  • Environmental Organization: Help to improve the environment!

The list above does not include all the kinds of community service, so you should choose the type of community service depending on your own strength and interest.

Tip Three: Join An Organization 

If you have really strong feeling in some areas, you should join a non-profit organization and make a difference. Some schools also have a club for community service, which is called Interact Club. Being a member of Interact Club would give you a variety of chances to serve the community.

Tip Four: Keep Track Of What You Have Done

While enjoying the meaningful community service experience, do not forget to keep track of what you have done and how long you have done. As high school students, you would need to approve that you have done the community service by having the official documents. Ask your community service counselor about the proposal, community ¬†service log, and reflection chart. Make sure you know whose signature you may need, for example, you may need the organization’s signature to approve your contribution to it. Also, keeping track of what you have done can help you reveal yourself later and celebrate your achievement.

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