Community Service

Community service is reaching out to help benefit causes and institutions on a small or large scale. The service is nonprofitable and can be performed by yourself or other members of your local school, neighborhood, or club. Beneath the service are many personal benefits to participate in community service for individuals at large.


Yes it is nonprofitable but just because you are not earning money does not mean it will not help you out. Do something beyond yourself. There are many people directly affected by diseases like aids, cancer, and more. It can even be a family member or friend that is suffering from the disease or the tragic loss of a loved one by the cause. You may have not been able to prevent those events but you can try and help out another family. Community service is as simple and powerful as raising money to donate towards research. Every single dollar counts.

Taking Action


Walk for Autism. (Photo credits to: Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale on Flickr)

Locally or on a global scale, you can make a difference now. There are endless possibilities to take part in. For instance, you may be interested in tutoring and excel in all areas academically but perhaps, it has not always been that way for you. You have learned to acquire new techniques and study tips that can heavily influence another. This aspect may have impacted your life enough to want to carry it out. That is a way to partake in community service. Furthermore, as stated before, you may want to participate in raising funds towards the research. There are plenty of different events for a particular disease. For example, the Walk for Autism is for Autism. You may also be into riding bikes and sign up for Ride For ALS. The possibilities are endless. The service does not need to end there. Begin to help out the elderly at the retirement home. Go out there to convey your caring traits and bring out a smile upon another person’s day. If you are not much of a people person, there is the animal shelter. Do not allow yourself to be afraid to help out. You can and will find one you are interested in. It may not be a huge difference at first, but to each person, it can change their entire life.


There are many options in your local area but here are a few you may be interested in:

  • Relay For Life – This event raises funds towards cancer research.
  • Walk For Autism – This walk is for autism, those of impaired social interaction and development.
  • Animal Shelter – Help take care of these family-less animals.
  • Tutoring – Tutoring can be done at any local school. Ask the community service resource adviser at your school for more information.
  • Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) – Sign up to further the science industry in children and families.
  • Ride for ALS – Raise funds to defeat Lou Gehrig’s disease now!

If you are not interested in any of these, try out this site to search for me here. Tell your friends and help out now!

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